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I am ecstatic to announce that we get the keys to our new house tomorrow! I can barely concentrate, constantly returning to the excited butterflies in my stomach. I am already thinking about all the things I want to do and feeling giddy with excitement that we will soon be settled into our new home. In an attempt to be vaguely productive I have been scouring the internet for moving house tips. Lots of tips and advice are very US-centric, so I have done my best to collect some posts which I have found useful when thinking about all that there is to do!

How To Move A House

Find local firms  

I am by no means an expert when it comes to removals but as I have just moved twice in the space of 2 months. I, therefore, feel I am at least slightly experienced! Some have been local family businesses, others are local branches of national chains.

Read reviews  

I was very wary in London to make sure that anyone who quoted actually saw how much stuff we had. There are loads of firms and to get business some seem to quote without even visiting the property. I have read horror stories about doing this and there not being enough space in vans which is not ideal if you are on a deadline to leave your house!

Get quotes 

You would be astonished by the range of prices that I have been quoted for the same service. I would definitely recommend getting more than one quote, I got 4 on our last move and 5 for this move as we have been in less of a rush.

Check hidden costs 

Each removal company seems to have a different take on packing materials and insurance. For some you will need to pay a separate deposit or indemnity, others will offer insurance and all packaging materials free of charge. Make sure you know in advance so you can factor this in when assessing value for money on quotes.

Packing For Moving A House


When we moved into our last house I swore I would learn my lesson and make sure I was only bringing things with me that I needed. There is nothing more frustrating than extra boxes to unpack, with stuff in that you will only get rid of later. When you move your bins fill up quickly with packing tape and all the rubbish the previous occupiers have left. You really don’t need your own stuff taking up yet more space in your bins.

Get Rid of Unwanted Furniture

When we were selling our house we used a combination of the British Heart Foundation free furniture collection, freecycle, and gumtree to get rid of furniture. Getting rid of excess bulky furniture allowed us to give buyers a better idea of the space. However, although this is a great tactic for selling a house it’s also vital to purge your house of furniture when moving house.

I particularly liked the British Heart Foundation free collection service because it is the most reliable (no wondering whether someone will or won’t turn up). I even got a note telling me how much they got for my donated item! If you are using an expensive removal company to move you, you will kick yourself if you find yourself taking up van/lorry space with things destined to be donated later!

First Night Box

There will be certain items that you need before others, let’s say a kettle, tea bags, and toilet roll, etc.! I think that this is a great first night list to use as a starting point

Label Boxes Clearly

It is worth labeling boxes clearly so you know which boxes you will need first, there are some great labels online that will save you a bit of time. (You’d be surprised how tiresome it gets writing on boxes!)

  • Moving House Tips
  • Free packing Labels from The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Move Out Cleaning

Deep clean

when moving you will probably want to give the new house a deep clean. In an attempt to be more organized I have used two fantastic cleaning posts  to make sure I am prepared. There’s an overall house cleaning kit post as well as a specific bathroom cleaning kit, perfect for trying to get organized. (I must admit it was secretly quite fun to go out and stock up on supplies in anticipation of the new abode.) Our cleaning cupboard here is horrendous, full of toxic chemicals and cleaners I never use. I’m going to try and use up any extra products I have cleaning our current rental ready for the end of the tenancy and stick to the new kits in the future.

Cleaning checklist There are a million cleaning checklists, but I suggest hire a bath cleaning company.

How To Get Organised For Moving House

Re-directing Post

Paying for a royal mail redirection is expensive but can be worthwhile if you have a lot of posts to re-direct and no time to contact all the relevant providers.

To Buy List

Have you checked the fixtures and fittings to see if there are any urgent items you will need? We left our fridge at our old house and the vendors are taking theirs with them so I’m in the process of urgently ordering one online for asap delivery!

Find your local GP

I wouldn’t normally be so fussed on signing up with a GP straight away, but as I am 7 months pregnant this is imperative. It’s also important if you take any regular medication which you need to have prescribed. I have used the NHS Choices website to find what’s available where I’m moving, but beware, as even those that are listed may not cover your area. (Their practice boundaries are impossible to fathom without calling to ask.)

Phone and Broadband

If you are anything like me you will be needing the internet asap. It normally takes at least a week for these to be connected. On a more practical note, you may also want to have a phone line to give meter readings and chase deliveries and connections. So basically, make sure you have arranged a home move with your current provider or looked into a new one as soon as you are able to. Our current phone and broadband provider doesn’t cover our new house so I used Money Saving Expert to look up the best deals.

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