5 Clean Ways to Beat Household Allergens

Your home should be the place where you feel the safest and healthiest. It shouldn’t be making you sick. However, when household allergens begin to take over, you’ll start to feel the effects of them. 

Itchy eyes, runny noses, and scratchy throats are all symptoms of allergens in the home! Don’t be a victim of them any longer. It’s time to improve your indoor air quality and say goodbye to indoor allergens.

Continue reading the guide below to learn how you can remove allergens from your home. 

1. Dust and Vacuum Often

How often do you dust and vacuum your home? You should be doing this on a regular basis. Dust can quickly build on fans, curtains, ceilings, and other surfaces around the home. 

It’s important to dust all surfaces, even televisions, and then vacuum. After dusting, some will land on the ground, which will then be removed by the vacuum. You can even consider vacuuming different surfaces like curtains and fans to remove the dust from them.

Hiring house cleaners will ensure your home’s cleaned well and on a regular basis. 

2. Change Filters Regularly

How often you need to change your air filters will depend on your own unique circumstances. For example, some will need to change their air filters once a month or more if their home has pets. Other homes with no pets or children might not need to change the air filters as often. 

Start checking your air filter once a month. If it’s still clean, then go longer. If you can see dust forming on the filter, then be sure to switch it out every month. 

3. Use a Dehumidifier

High humidity levels allow allergens to flourish. You can test the humidity levels of your home and then purchase a dehumidifier if needed. Use the dehumidifier as directed to help reduce moisture levels in your home. 

A dry environment won’t be as susceptible to mold and mildew growth. 

4. Leave Shoes at the Door

Do you allow shoes in your home? The bottom of the shoes carries lots of germs and bacteria. When you allow shoes in the house, you allow all these germs to spread. 

Any dust and dirt on the shoes will also transfer to the home. Make a new rule to leave shoes at the door to prevent this from happening. 

5. Keep Windows and Doors Shut

When allergens are in effect outdoors, it’s best to keep your windows and doors shut. Consider the times of the year when you suffer the most from allergies. When pollen is at its highest level, you’ll want to prevent it from entering your home. 

Only keep windows and doors open during low pollen seasons. 

Say Goodbye to Household Allergens

It’s time to say goodbye to household allergens for good! Consider these helpful clean ways to reduce and eliminate allergens in your home. Try a few or try them all for optimal indoor air quality. 

For more topics on the home and other similar topics as well, check back with us on a regular basis. 

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