Back In Black Ellie Review

At the end of March I introduced you to Ellie, a company that creates high quality, luxurious fitness wear at affordable prices.  Since then I have worn and worn and WORN my Ellie workout clothes.  I love the super soft fabric, the fun color, and how sassy I feel while I get my sweat on.  Ellie sent me two pieces from their Little Black Collection to add to my “favorite workout clothes” choices.

When you sign up with a membership you get to pick out the pieces you want before they go on sale.  This way you never get your heart crushed learning what you wanted was sold out.  Also, you get free shipping on all orders, no matter how often you order per month.  It is a month to month membership, so you don’t have to worry about a contract.  Also if you don’t see something you are interesting in receiving or need to take month of you can skip a month!  Now that is awesome customer service!!The Little Black Collection is filled with all black pieces.  The tops are just plain jane, as you can see.  They are interesting and slimming.  They are classy and won’t go out of style.  The bottoms are sleek and flattering.  Look at the pants above…look close.  They aren’t just plain.  They have cool stitch detail that enhance the tone and shape of your leg.  They could even be paired with your favorite top for a hot look out on the town.Ellie sent me the Pitch Perfect Keyhole Tank and the Little Black Capris.

I love love love this tank.  It isn’t just plain and boring.  The back has a great shape!  There is a built in shelf bra for extra support.  Not only is the look not blah, the fabric isn’t either.  It is made from high-performance, microfiber fabric that is moisture wicking, UV protecting, anti-bacterial and high water and wind resistant.  Fancy huh!? There is even a mesh overlay on the criss-cross straps!  I also love the length of this tank.  It doesn’t creep up during cardio.  WHEW!These capris are going to be amazing!  I say “going to be” because they are just a little tight on me.  Look on my hips.  Can you tell!?  I need to lose just a bit more to make these beauties a gym staple.  The waist band is wide, with a seam at the top and one at the bottom.  This keeps it laying nice and flat but unfortunately in my situation it also gives me a little squeeze.  The squeeze causes all the extra baby chub to spill out of the top…not cute.  They are a large which according to the size chart fits 8-10.  I am more of a 12, so it isn’t Ellie, it is me.  They are, however, super soft and won’t wrinkle, shrink, fade, or bag.  No one likes saggy booty faded workout pants.  YUCK!  Like the Pitch Perfect Keyhole Tank the Little Black Capris are moisture wicking and water and wind resistant.  They are also tear resistant!  I can hardly wait until I can wear these over and over again…motivation!

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