Art Connoisseur? Let Your Home Elegantly Reflect Your Love for Art!

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Creating a home that reflects the artistic and sophisticated side of you is certainly an achievement. Not all are successful to bring out the aesthetic beauty of their home in keeping with their artistic preferences — and decorating their home around it. Most of us just can’t control going overboard while displaying our art collection; while many of us are so scared that our collectibles would wean the house of its homely touch, that, we keep beautiful artwork boxed up (and that’s truly a shame!).

Designing a liveable warm home around your art collection is a beautiful way to add a personal touch to your living spaces. As you choose pieces of art that portrays your passion and style, you are adding value and character to your rooms. Whatever artistic form you choose to decorate your home, it magically transforms your home from just a generic space to an enriching, personal experience of beauty. But, having your home decorated with exotic art collection doesn’t at all mean you have to gather spectacular pieces of art from around the globe and adorn your place with it. (Although even this would be great!) But it actually involves slowly and steadily picking up decor ideas and pieces that reflect your personal choice and style (and also memorabilia of travels) – and those would become a reflection of who you are stamped onto your home décor.

Ways in which you can exhibit a museum style art collection in your home!

When it comes to curating an artistic home decor, it’s a rare luxury that all can’t afford. You need to have a home that’s sophistically designed, with strategic walls, nooks and crevices for the displays, and only then your enthralling pieces of art would add pizzazz to your space better. This is something that’s easier said than done. The best way to achieve perfection in this genre is to appoint professionals who specialise in luxury interior design like Ionna Lennox interiors. They know well how to play with colour palettes and designs to create fascinating spaces for you that speak of luxury, and also represent the epitome of creativity. Some essential things to keep in mind while you decorate your home in an artistic manner are listed below — ensure to keep them in mind when decorating your rooms for a charismatic effect!

  • Your personal style marks the decor — The most essential step that comes in curating a gorgeous home art collection is keeping in mind your own personal touch and style! You are going to live with the designs and decor for long, better match it with your personality well! Just pick your choice — whether you like modern art, historical masterpieces, contemporary art or thought provoking, unique but complex ideas — each of them is totally fine in its own aspect, and can give you the best decor according to the way you want it.
  • Creating and maintaining a themed decor— If you are keen about a uniform theme of the decor and decorating items you are going to collect — it is going to maintain a steady seamless flow and connection in the entire place. On the other hand, if you decorate a corner of the room with ancient art and theme, and another in the same space with the modern one, the idea will contrast dramatically and that would be a huge blunder in your home decor. Just ensure to discuss the theme with your interior designer and coordinate everything perfectly to create an impressive and welcoming home environment. However, it is absolutely okay to choose different themes for various rooms, as long as the rooms are not connected or do not open into each other.
  • Add the wow factor — If you are serious about art in your home, never hesitate to choose big and different! That is what would create a wow factor in your home decor! Choose something lavish and towering, and totally remarkable to display in a central space that would go on to become the focal point in your home. Be it a painting, a sculpture — get the one that draws your attention in a second and make it the most important piece of decor in your home. Or you can simply dedicate an entire wall to a themed collection – say a wall full of African Masks or Blue Pottery Plates and Plaques — and make that wall the centre of attraction!
  • Perfect placement is prominent— There are a number of placement possibilities to think about when decorating your home around priceless memories and art! Never forget the nooks and corners, your hallways and even the shelves in the passage — all are included in areas to be decorated to keep the flow of the theme intact! Also, assembling the tiniest piece of home decor or designing around the largest artefact, both need to be perfectly placed in order to get the desired effect in your home. And last, but not least, don’t just think of paintings and sculptures as artistic home decor! Even ancient furniture, antique items or wall hangings can be a part of it. Remember that huge intricately carved wooden trunk that was converted to a coffee table and got featured in a prestigious home décor magazine? There, you get the idea!

Creating an artistic home decor in itself is a statement of your unique style. Ensure to emphasize it with the best interior designing in order to create an alluring and awe inspiring living space!

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