Alternative tile options for your home and why you should get one

Whenever we think of replacing the flooring of our house, the most common option that rings the bell in our mind is tiles. But, do you know there are various alternative tile options?

Let us discuss the costs, advantages, and the downsides of each type of flooring before you decide on the flooring that suits your requirement the best. So, before you start searching for the tilers near me, read this article as it will help you to think beyond tiles.

Most popular types of flooring

  • Tiles

Let us start with tiles

There are many different types of tiles available, and you can easily purchase them from the local shops. Its cost depends on the quality, the size, and area of the floor.

The different types of tiles are glazed ceramic, marble, porcelain, travertine, slate, and granite. And, being water resistant, it is ideal for washrooms and kitchens.

If youwant to use something simple, easy to maintain, then you can go for tiles. But, if you live in extreme weather condition, you should reconsider your decision as tiles become cold very quickly and warming tiles can be expensive.

  • Brick slips tiles

Brick slip tiles give an aesthetic look and are well suited for both the floor and the walls. These are a perfect alternative to tiles, and with its rustic look, they enhance the beauty of the place. You can use them in your kitchen, near the fireplace, or for creating a feature wall.

If you want to replicate conventional brickwork, then nothing else can be better than these walls – they are cost-effective, durable, and are easy to maintain. Since they are easy to install, you can transform the look of a room very conveniently.

However, it is challenging to replace brick clip walls in patches. In case of damage, the entire wall needs to be replaced. Also, if exposed to humid or moisture, it will start becoming brittle and will lose its beauty over time.

  • Bamboo

It is another wood like option has been gaining popularity in recent times. In reality, it is a grass whose characteristics are the same as hardwood.

It is durable, easy to maintain, is easy to install, and comes in different shades. Cleaning bamboo floor is also, and you can get rid of stains with a damp cloth.

But being completely organic, it is vulnerable, and you should never use it if you have a lot of traffic in your home. Even toys and small heels can cause dent and scratch on it thus marring the beauty of the floor.

  • Hardwoods

If you are ready to spend a few extra bucks, hardwoods can give you one of the best types of flooring. It is durable, easy to clean, has longer shelf-life, looks good, can sustain through any weather condition, and most importantly has an excellent value for money.

At times, you might hear sound when you walk on it. So, to cover this only disadvantage of hardwoods, you can use it in your living room, where the carpet will lessen the sound when you walk on it.

  • Laminate

Looks exactly like tiles, or real wood, but these give a smarter look to the house. Easy to clean and maintain; it is becoming a common choice. The floor doesn’t get a scratch quickly and thus is ideal for a home with babies, and pets where the chances of spillovers are more.

Standing water can cause damage to the laminate floors, so use it anywhere else except in the kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. You can use it in the bedroom and the living space.

  • Glass Tiles

Another eco-friendly tile option for your home is glass tiles. Made of recycled wine bottles and beer bottles, these give an elegant and classy look to the house. They come in different colors, designs and unlike ceramic tiles, glass reflects light thus adding to the beauty of the room.

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