8 Ways To Give Your Vacant Homes A Fresh Feel!

Have you been out of home for long? Are you just back after completing a long vacation? Or been out for academics or job or business for months, or even years? No doubt you missed your home a lot! Though the feeling of coming back home is pleasant. But it may also simultaneously feel strange to be at a place which you once called home, now looking vacant, stark and untidy since it was left alone for a while.

There is always so much to do after you are back home after a lapse of time. From cleaning the cobwebs to getting the ventilation of the place up and running — a house that’s been unkempt for long certainly needs a lot of attention.

How can you refresh your home after keeping it shut for so long?

We know the tasks are numerous and you have to cope with all of them to get your place back to life. It certainly looks taxing, but by following these pointers, you’ll surely get it all done pretty easily:

Plan a chart — The first thing that needs to be done (as soon as you have changed in to your old tees and worn jeans to work on your house) is to chalk out a plan in details. Plan the areas that you are going to clean and revamp and allot all of them some amount of time with a date. Then, shoot! Remember to work according to the schedule.

Get the equipment—You certainly won’t be having your house stacked up with all the cleaning essentials after so long. You will have to get the cleaning materials, fresh stock from the stores, to get all the work done. From brooms to mops, antibacterial cleaners to room fresheners, you’ll need it all! Get it as soon as possible.

Open the windows and doors —Ventilation is important! You certainly can’t give a house a fresh feel without airing it well. The air has been trapped inside the place since long and can be dangerous and infectious too (not to mention the musty smell). You can also switch on the fans to let the air circulate more freely.

Get the furnishings cleaned The carpets and furnishings of your home have been stagnating for long, and hence can stink. Additionally these can also be nests of various harmful insects and bugs who have taken shelter in them while you have been away. It’s always wise to get them vacuum cleaned or better approach a professional service for carpet cleaning in Redlands. Revita Cleaning Systems provide high-quality professional cleaning services for all your household requirements, and gives a fresh and tidier feel to your homes in to time (and saving you a lot of labour!).

Check the appliances — Even your appliances have been unattended for a while now. It would need a lot of maintenance and a regular check up by a professional expert before starting them. You should always get your air conditioners serviced, washing machines and refrigerators checked thoroughly, and cleaned too.

Get the wires checked too —The electrical settings of a place that’s been shut for long can be extremely dangerous too. There may have been water leakage in your home or a rat would have chewed up some part of the wiring. Such minor issues can lead to disasters if you start on the electricity before getting a routine check up done. Always call for an electrician to give those wires and switches a better look before using them.

Use an antibacterial agent to clean the place— It’s always advisable to clean the whole house with an excellent antibacterial cleaning agent. This can help you remove the dirt as well as ingrown germs and bacteria easily.

Give a glance at the gardens — When you were out, your garden was untended. No one would have tended to it and it would have become quite an unpleasant sight (and site). There would be dried weeds, grass and untidily grown plants all over. You have to dedicate a whole day to reorganise it and beautify it.

Apart from these, you should also add in some fresh flowers in your house in vases to give a happy vibe to the house. Wipe and wash the glasses and doors, give your garage some time, oil all hinges and sliding channels, and pressure wash the outer area. After all these efforts, I’m sure your home would come back to life once again, and turn into your sanctuary!!

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