Are you that person who delays things without any reason and thinks that you will be able to complete the task just in time? If you treat it as an independent event, it would look quite a harmless way of dealing with things that you want to delay because of logical reasons. It could be probably because of being tired or because it is not a priority, but the delays have become habitual. It is time to look for reasons and take care of them. Being a habitual delayer can cause a lot of problems in your life. Basically you are so used to procrastination that it does not seem to be a problem anymore. It is imperative that you get a perspective of this habit of yours and see to it carefully how it is affecting your productivity and life. There is nothing good about procrastination. Here is a list of some reasons procrastination is affecting your life in a very negative way.


This is not a very obvious effect of procrastination but if you were to analyze as a serial procrastinator how delaying beyond schedules is making you anxious, you would definitely understand what is meant by making you anxious. As a habitual procrastinator you have lost the urge to do things on time and feel that they can either be finished last minute or you could be creative with the excuses. What you don’t realize is that, if you finish the work on time, it would leave your mind free to do other tasks or better let you enjoy and be carefree. An unfinished task will only make you feel guilty and anxious. Hence, stop procrastinating and take charge of your life. One of the most important lessons that one gets from motivational courses is that procrastination will always hamper your path to success and happiness.


The biggest downside of being a persistent procrastinator is the cost that you have to pay with your reputation. You rarely finish your tasks on time because of delaying the task. Use of excess social media or just being lazy may be the causes of such an attitude. You would rarely feel any problem with it but the truth is that procrastination is definitely messing up with your schedules.


Delaying work out of habit will only cause your work to pile up which is definitely not a good thing. Procrastination is like that bone which will only grow if you do not take care of the habit just in time. Delaying tasks does not mean you are having a good time and the task is taking care of itself. It just means that you are delaying what is to be done and adding this work to what ought to be done in next batches. 


If you have the habit of delaying tasks for no reason, it is obvious that you are going to miss out on opportunities probably because you are so caught up in your tasks or you are not proactive enough to have a thorough look into those opportunities.


Procrastinating might look like a harmless habit that is not affecting your life in a major way. It is absolutely untrue if you analyze your life in detail. Delaying tactics are only delaying the task, not finishing the task. This false sense of comfort can put you in a state that does not exist at all. Such a comfort zone will never let you know your mistakes and will never let you grow.

It is advisable to shun such an attitude sooner rather than later to pave the for you as a successful person who more productive and feels at peace.

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