Positive vibes – An effort-free guide on creating a positive living space

Imagine that you are on the dining table and rich seven-course meal is platted; you are about to have the first bite form it and suddenly you discover a hair strand, Gross!! You feel. Nearly the same feeling you have when you enter your place after a long tiring day and get to see negatives coming from all the way. I know a number of us may say that I have not been doing it intentionally, but the fact stands somewhere down the line our lifestyle has made our home a replica of our existence. Well, there are some point if you practice you will have a great positive living space

1.Do not have a ‘Light – Fight’ with your eyes

When you enter your house you should have great welcoming light. There are at times when people have fewer lights just to save a sum on their bill and end up being frustrated because of these dim lights; they are not able to either find their required stuff or they bang against fixed furniture but, this does not mean that you are supposed to have halogen downlights as it may make you feel conscious all the point in time like that of a prisoner being interrogated. A balanced, apt color light will help you to restore relaxation in you.

2.Plan a place in your house to share all your secrets – A divine corner

The pace of the human race is so fast that an individual is not finding time to talk to oneself or to the diving energy. Plan a place in your house where you can have a great time with those positive powers and have conversation or confession with an open heart where you will have a constant feeling of having divine power at your place that will help you to keep positive vibes around.

3.Clean, organized  and a mess-free room

Most of the time working people possess time crunch and because of it, they end up rushing to their workplace. The actual story starts when they come back to their home and when they open the door; untidy room, unhygienic wastes, the foul scented kitchen welcomes them with an awful feeling. Certainly, no one would like such a dead welcome. So ensure to have clean, organized and a mess-free room that will give you a warm arm welcome

4.Work on smells

Every home has its own smell and it takes over the mood. Once you are done with organizing and cleaning of your house ensure to have good smells around that will lift your spirit high. You can try a number of things like Incense sticks, scented water, flowers on the table and room fresheners. Once a day ensures to open doors and windows of your house to let all the foul smell go away. This will let the soft breeze in your house and you will feel way better.

5.Pet a Plant

Varieties of gardening are now in trend like hanging gardens, terrace gardens the others being traditional gardening like lawn garden, money plant, rose plant, or you can even try small vegetable plants like tomato or chilly plant. While gardening, speak to them and you will see miraculous change not just in the plant but in your house as well.

6.Colour Combination

Colour lifts the energy and it can do wonders at home. Try changing wall colors; ensure to have bright ones instead of fluorescent or dark shades. The lights in the house will brighten the area and these light shades make you feel that space is maximized but on the other hand dark color eats up the light and it will make you feel crowded

7.Don’t be late to decorate

This is an instant mood changer. The curtains of your house, the table, the table cloth, the doors and the windows, the ceiling cupboards and fridge all can have some decoration that soothes your eye; like you can have the entire galaxy on the ceiling with radium stickers which makes you feel wow when you are about to sleep. You can design your table cloth and have fancy table mats, have your favorite cartoons or moments on the fridge. Decorate with all your Imagination and in turn, you will receive positivity all day long

There are a number of things that can help you to change the place you live in like listening to music, having a social gathering and making it a cool hangout place for you and your loved ones, having soothing doorbells, having Feng Shui, bonsai plant, and so on; but most

Importantly to stay positive and to feel positive is one of the apt ways to make your place the best to stay in the entire universe.  


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