Win Hip Huggin Lovin Suppori Review Giveaway

Ever since having my son I have learned all about the ‘baby wearing’ trend.  I love carrying my little man around and being able to have my hands free.  It is especially helpful to know how to use a baby carrier when you are in a place where strollers aren’t really an option or you would like to get in and out of a store quick.But what happens when your baby grows up and carrying them on the front isn’t as comfortable or convenient as carrying your baby on your hip is?

Suppori is an award-winning, easy-to-use baby carrier.  The Suppori, created by Lucky Baby World, places baby on your hip, encouraging emotional bonding while at the same time making carrying baby on your hip comfortable.  This is a great product for children who like to see what is going on around them.Simply throw the Suppori over your shoulder and widen the strap.  Place the baby in the Suppori and widen the carrier to fit comfortably under your child’s bottom.  Because of this positioning the Suppori should only be used by babies who can sit up on their own.The Suppori is made from “of a triple stitched, knitted yarn.”  But don’t think this is some homemade product.Actually this specific yarn is “so durable that is it also used in motor vehicle parts!”  It really is fabulous.  “It does not retain heat” making it nice in the summer months.Most carriers place the babies weight on the top of your shoulder and the middle of your back, two weak muscles.  The Suppori places the babies weight on your deltoid, a muscle stronger than the previously mention two.  What does this mean for you?  This means no stiff neck or sore shoulders.  I guess this is why they are the #1 selling sling in Japan.

I received the Electric Blue Suppori.  It is just as bright and happy as it is shown above.  I have loved having this baby carrier!  I love that it is easy to pack around.  It seriously fits in the palm of my hand.  Something NONE of my baby carriers does.  The little and light weight nature of this product makes it a staple in my diaper bag.  I just love being able to have it at all times.My son, who is almost 7 months, sits up pretty well.  There are times that he still topples over so when I use my Suppori I make sure to support him with with my hand (which you should do anyway) and pay a little extra attention to him then I imagine I will need to in the future.One of my favorite things about the Suppori is I don’t feel like I need to continue to readjust him like I do in other carriers we have used.  I just love that both of us are comfortable.

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