Whats Poppin Santas Little Helpers

My two little ones are certified bookworms…and I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love the fact that they get so much enjoyment out of a great story and beautiful illustrations. I love catching Ava up late at night reading books quietly in the dark by the light of her night light. Reading is such a gift and I know my children see books as treasures and adventures waiting to be had. We were so excited to receive Half Popped, a heartwarming story following the adventure of a half popped popcorn kernel. Half Popped, written by Jeff Feuerstein and illustrated by Dayna Brandoff and Alex Miller, follows the heartwarming and whimsical story of Kenny the Kernel, a discouraged but friendly popcorn kernel who believes he never reached his full potential. With a silly, story telling rhyme evocative of Shel Silverstein poetry and unique artwork that combines photography and illustration, the charming tale serves as a lesson in self-confidence and reminds young readers that a genuine compliment has the power to man a friend’s day!

The kids couldn’t wait to snuggle up and read Half Popped together. This story is quite adorable and the illustrations are a wonderful mix of illustrations and photography; very cool! I love the rhythm of this story, as the rhyming lines really make it flow along at a fantastic pace. The kids loved it and were totally hooked through the first read {and many after}. They love Kenny the Kernel and of course Ava’s heart went out to him as he felt lost and alone throughout the story and then was relieved at the end when his wishes were fulfilled and he felt happy. Ava has read this story over and over again and Hollis has pretty much memorized it and always likes looking through the illustrations. Half Popped would make a fabulous stocking stuffer this holiday season; such a fun, sweet story with an amazing message!

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