Welcome Spring

This year it has seemed like Winter has just dragged on for my family.  The cold dreary days just seem to keep coming.  Thinking about Spring and the Easter holiday helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I love seeing the trees come back to life and smell the flowers that are beginning to bloom again!  Nickelodean is helping my family to get back into the season with the Essentially Spring Collection. It includes DVD releases from Dora the Explorer and Max & Ruby to Peter Rabbit. This collection is perfect to add to your children’s Easter baskets!  Children are guaranteed to be entertained for hours this Spring! The Essentially Spring Collection will be realeased for the SRP of $14.99 each.

Peter Rabbit:

Spring Into Adventure!Spring has sprung when Peter Rabbit, Lily Bobtail, and Benjamin Bunny embark on seven seasonal stories! Hop into over an hour of springtime adventures as Peter and his pals learn never to follow strangers, help out a baby  bunny who is afraid of the dark, catch a trout, work together to rescue a friend, and more, all while building valuable problem solving and leadership skills! Running time is approximately 110 minutes.Introduce your little bunny to a modern take on one of the most beloved characters in classic children’s literature, Peter Rabbit. These eight tales set the course for spine-tingling adventures through Beatrix Potter’s Lake District, a beautiful, natural world where real dangers, wily villains, and simple delights are found in the most unusual places! Join Peter, his cousin Benjamin, and their new pal, Lily, as this intrepid trio embarks on exciting escapades, all while building valuable skills like reasoning and problem solving. Running time is approximately 92 minutes.

Episodes include:

  • The Tale of the Radish Robber
  • The Tale of two Enemies
  • The Tale of the Greedy Fox
  • The Tale of the Secret Treehouse
  • The Tale of Benjamin’s Strawberry Raid
  • The Tale of the Lying Fox
  • The Tale of the Angry Cat
  • The Tale of Mr. Tod’s Trap

Max & Ruby:

Easter with Max and Ruby:

Spring into the Easter season with two very funny Easter bunnies-Max and Ruby! From ruby’s Easter bonnet to Max’s Easter bunny, and an Easter Parade too, you’ll be celebrating the season bunny-style. Running time of approximately 100 minutes.

Episodes include:

  • Ruby’s Easter Bonnet
  • Max’s Easter Parade
  • Max and the Easter Bunny
  • Ruby’s Loose Tooth
  • Ruby Scores!
  • Ruby’s Sand Castle
  • Max’s Work of Art
  • Max Meets Morris
  • Ruby’s Scavenger Hunt
  • Max’s Check-Up
  • Max’s Prize
  • Space Max

Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Easter Adventure :

Preschoolers can help Dora and Boots save the Hip-Hop Bunny’s basket of eggs the perfect Easter gift, which features an exciting collection of adventures. Plus enjoy two bonus episodes, five Karaoke music videos and an interactive play mode game. Running time of approximately 66 minutes.

Dora The Explorer: Egg Hunt

Celebrate Dora’s first Easter egg hunt and help Dora and Boots find the Big Yellow Egg with a prize inside. It’s an egg-cellent adventure preschoolers won’t want to miss! Running time of approximately 98 minutes.


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