Ubooly Review

Well, you all know how much my little ones love to play games and watch videos on my iPhone; probably all of our favorite toy. I’m pretty sure I’ve made that crystal clear in several prior posts! What is even better than just my iPhone and games is when I find an App that is educational, fun, & incorporates an adorable plush Toy! In a nutshell, that’s Ubooly; an iPhone powered  educational plush toy.  My kids were so excited to welcome our very own Ubooly into the family a few weeks ago!Ubooly is an educational toy with 1,000+ fun activities for ages 4-10. Ubooly tells stories, plays games, sings songs, teaches lessons, and best of all, is your child’s best friend. Play with just the app or also with the Ubooly stuffed animal. The animal lets your child unlock fun adventure games where they can explore and learn together. Kids earn coins by completing educational activities. Coins unlock fun costumes and furniture for Ubooly’s room! ~Ubooly

I’m sure it’s not hard to believe that my kids were instantly excited about their new Ubooly! I made sure to download the Ubooly App and get everything all set up for them so they could play right away! Everything was so simple to set up and I was very impressed with the diverse topics in the Ubooly Lab; grammar, space, seasons, oceans. It’s all educational content to keep your child engaged and learning.It always amazes me when I download a new app how quickly the kids notice it’s there! They saw the app the morning their Ubooly arrived and when they saw the plush toy the just couldn’t contain themselves! So excited to get their hands on their new game which transforms into it’s own little orange ball of interactive cute fluff! Immediately they were engaged and answering all sorts of questions that Ubooly was throwing at them and having so much fun! The Ubooly addresses the child by their name!

You should have seen their eyes light up the first time they heard it! They were both a bit surprised and the only word I can think to describe it was magical. The Ubooly can be personalized to your child’s interest and can be used for more than one child! You simply switch the name before they play and it changes to that child’s customized information. As I watched both of my children play with their Ubooly on multiple occasions I was so happy with the amount of fun and education it mixes us! One minute you’re getting water out of Ubooly’s ear by tossing him up in the air while both Ubooly and your child laugh like crazy and the next minute they are learning about space and nature! A perfect mix and the kids just think it’s all fun! Ubooly is the first children’s app I have come across that is ran more by voice command and not finger taps. Very cool! The voice recognition is pretty amazing; the kids only have had to repeat a few times. Also, Ubooly has a nice child-like voice; sounds like a person, not a machine, that’s for sure! Very clear and easy to understand. Hollis loves having fun with Ubooly but he also has taken to snuggling with Ubooly {phone taken out, of course} at nap and bedtime! He thinks Ubooly is so soft and snuggly!


• Teach Ubooly your child’s name
• Add lessons with just one click
• Promote healthy habits
• Adaptive to learn your child’s interestsEDUCATION PERSONALIZED
• Lessons are written by top educators
• Lessons include: Reading, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and much more.
• Stay fit and active while learning!


• Receive email progress reports
• Ubooly Lab suggests what to learn next