To Paint or Not to Paint?! That is the Question!

Your home is a safe haven for you and your family; a special place that holds so many memories. It is that place, where many more cherished memories will be created.  Why let it show the ravages of time? Environmental factors like rain, hail, storms and much more attack your home, from the outside. Even the interiors are not safe from wear and tear! Just like the exterior needs maintenance, from time to time, so does the interiors.

You need to find an agency that will look after exterior and interior painting in Auckland! There are numerous; but, what you need is a reputed one, who will complete the job with perfection.

  •   What Are The Telltale Signs That Scream Out The Need For A Paint Job?

Maintaining the beauty of your home, must be of utmost importance. Sometimes, we tend to overlook the obvious telltale signs that point out the need for a paint job. You need to keep your eyes peeled for these signs; otherwise, you can lose the aesthetic value of your home! Would you actually like that? Do not let the damaging factors win.

Here are the most obvious telltale signs to look out for:

  1.       Wear and Tear: If you hired an inexperienced person for the initial paint job, then chances of incorrect paint application is high! Even if the paint was applied correctly, with time and exposure to moisture and other environmental elements, your paint might start to wear down. Cracking, bubbling and peeling are perhaps the most common signs of wear and tear to your paint. Another reason for such signs might be mould growth or dry rot.
  2.       Fading Away: Who would want their house to look weathered and old? Not us! Hopefully, you know when the paint has started to look faded. You need a paint job, when the paint loses its vibrancy. A quick tip, darker colours tend to fade out faster than the lighter ones!
  3.       Gaps between the Boards: If, you have wooden walls, then keep an eye on the paint. It should not look as if, the boards are shrinking down. If, you see gaps between the boards, then you need to have it checked out, before re-painting. Why?! Well, because it could be the dangerous dry rot! Get professionals to assess the damage, and then, invest in painting the interiors/exteriors.
  •   How Long Before You Think About A Paint Job?

It is quite difficult to overlook these telltale signs, but, even if, you do miss them, then you need to know how long before re-painting is needed. Sometimes, it is not your fault. The damage or signs could be in spots that evade your eye, like behind furniture or in the corners! Your wall could be made of different kinds of material, from wood to plastered walls. Each wall reacts to paint in a different manner! Here is a guide to help you decide, when your walls need a paint job:

    Wooden Surface needs to be painted every 3 to 7 years. As soon as the paint job hits the 3 year mark, keep looking for the signs that a re-paint is needed!

    Stucco walls can last a bit longer. So, you can relax for 5 years, but, post that start looking for the signs that point towards a repainting job.

    Aluminium sidings are a part of the walls, as they must have windows, right? Aluminium sidings can last about the same time as stucco walls, which is 5 years.

When, you see the appearance of the telltale signs, it is time to call in the professionals! Sometimes, you might be doubtful, and then it is best to talk to the expert painters, as they will guide you in the right direction. Do not fret! With the professionals, your home interiors and exteriors, will keep on looking like a dream!


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