The Perfect Birthday Gift {Pillow Pets Giveaway}

Do you have hundreds of little stuffed animals laying around your children’s bedrooms and playrooms? If so you are not alone. That is how Pillow Pets came to be. A mom decided to make a stuffed animal that is not only a child’s pet but make it functional too! GENIUS! The Pillow Pet was born.  We received a snuggly puppy pillow pet for review and I was super impressed. When I opened the box my little guy squealed in delight and giggled. PUP PUP PUP is all he would say

He loves it! He carries it around the house, and then when he wants to watch a movie he grabs his pillow pet and runs to his toy room. It is so much fun and mom loves it because of the pillow feature. It is his new favorite toy. Thanks Pillow Pet for such a clever product that we LOVE! I know you will too! With summer Birthday Parties just around the corner order yours today!ORDER YOURS NOW ONLINE! Today, Pillow Pets is giving one of you… a Pillow Pet of your choice!

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