The ABCs of Concrete Furniture

If you think concrete furniture is a recent innovation, then you are mistaken, my friend! The idea of concrete furniture first came to Thomas Edison (the inventor of the light bulb) in 1911.

Well, that’s in the past. The recent misconceptions related to concrete furniture is that concrete seating is uncomfortable, concrete furniture weighs an unimaginable amount and concrete does not complement the decor; however, read ahead to burst your myth bubbles and recognise the true worth of concrete furniture:

Decorative concrete differs from construction concrete, so don’t misconceive the term ‘concrete’ as a slab of grey stone. As a homeowner, you can get really creative with concrete work, i.e. invest in concrete dining tables, a concrete gazebo seating, concrete garden chairs and a concrete centre table in the living room.

Several reasons are there to justify your choice of concrete furniture, such as:

1. Durability

Although chips and cracks are typically observed in concrete furniture, you need not worry about long hours of use because concrete is more resilient and durable than other furniture materials. It can withstand high pressure and does not need regular repairs. Concrete furniture comes out to be an easy winner in the war against wooden furniture when durability is considered!

2.Easy maintenance

It may be your dream to keep your home beautiful and spotless; however, it is easier said than done. Be it furniture or the floors; most often than not, you may need to call professionals to either clean the stains or keep the furniture spick and span. When you invest in concrete furniture, you say goodbye to all such worries because all you need to do is put a sealant on the concrete right after you purchase it and the rest will be taken care of. The sealant prevents the furniture to absorb any stains; keeping your furniture spot-free for a long period. You may need to wipe it with a light detergent every once in a while to clear off the dust, but isn’t it better than any other furniture material?

3.Decorative options

Concrete is available in grey colour only! Errrrr, wrong! With the advent in technology, this misconception needs to change immediately because not only the concrete can be manufactured in various colours but also in many textures to meet the requirements of the customers. Yes, you can even buy concrete furniture in a wooden finish, i.e. which offers a wooden feel. The options available in concrete furniture are as many as you can imagine, so stop cornering concrete furniture once and for all.

4.Other benefits

The fact that it is more durable and waterproof also makes it a viable option for outdoor furniture. Yes, concrete can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture, unlike other furniture materials. Similarly, concrete adds aesthetic appeal to the place because of its elegant appearance. You can even request a customised design, which can be beautifully carved in the concrete. The all-time famous mosaic design looks more than heavenly in a concrete background, so you can have a mosaic design side-table or dining table to complement your out-of-the-ordinary taste. The instant ‘wow’ factor, the hard lines, the natural look and the polished effect, not only makes it a high-quality choice but also adds uniqueness and originality to your decor.


Now you know that concrete is a much more exquisite, ecological and environmentally-friendly choice, as compared with other furniture materials. So, be it a high-quality concrete dining table in Sydney or a uniquely created set of garden chairs in Melbourne; don’t think twice before writing the cheque. The variety of concrete furniture options that are available across the globe make it a sensible choice because not only you can buy items that match the old furniture in the old rooms but also add a new aesthetic effect to the newly designed areas of the house.

Concrete! Invest! Improve!


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