Tea Time Cold Brew On The Go

Things are starting to heat up here in the south! I know spring is here because the gorgeous bluebonnets are lining the highways and the weather is crazy! Sun, rain, intense storms; as the saying goes, if you don’t like the weather in Texas, just wait 5 minutes. As spring is here and summer is right around the corner I have been looking for a some refreshing alternatives to drinking water. I have been chugging some water lately, and man, it’s so good, but can get a little monotonous! I was so excited to partner up with The Tea Spot and share their Cold Brew Tea Set with y’all!Thirst for life! The Tea Spot fosters healthy living by making loose leaf tea an everyday luxury. Our 10% Pledge benefits cancer & community wellness. Here at The Tea Spot, we know there’s a perfect tea for every moment—and that no moment is perfect without tea. When we started blending our small batch loose leaf teas we were inspired by the health benefits of tea, an endless variety of flavors yet to be created, and the possibility of breathing our unique teaware designs to life.  ~The Tea Spot

The Tea Spot generously sent me their Cold Brew Tea Set including the Steep & Go cold brew filter and 10 single serving organic loose leaf tea packs of Cold Infusions; “Chill out” and “Keep fit.” This set is just awesome. I am constantly taking my drinks on the go, or “roadies” as I like to refer to them. This Cold Brew Tea Set makes it so simple to get a refreshing tea to go when I’m running errands or running the kids to their after school activities. The Steep & Go cold brew filter is extremely simple to use and filters the water from the tea leaves as you drink your tea. It attaches easily to the top of any water bottle and is BPA Free.  The Chill out and Keep fit Tea are both organic blends and have their own specific health benefits and made specifically to partner with the Steep & Go, giving you yummy flavor in just 10 minutes. Chill Out is a naturally sweet drink with no artificial sweetners or additives. It is created so you can feel no guilt, just chill out and enjoy your drink. The Keep Fit is a metabolism booster and so refreshing; it will definitely get you going for a workout or moving along when you hit a slump during your day. I have been enjoying both flavors of tea with my Steep & Go and will be making an order for more soon. Both teas are full of flavor and are a better alternative to sugary soft drinks that can make you feel sluggish and yucky. The Tea Spot offers a variety of cold brew and hot teas that are sure to please. I have had several flavors of their loose leaf teas and have yet to find one I don’t enjoy. I always start my day with tea; hot or cold, I find it a great way to wake up my mind and body.

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