Sun Bum

The summer is coming and we are all incredibly excited! After my first year back teaching after staying home with the kids for 7 years I am ready for some time at home just being a mom for a bit before school starts up again. My little family lives for the summer; we all love the water. We spend part of every day at the pool or lake and at least a week at the beach. With all this outdoor activity in the summer we need the best sun protection possible. Last summer while visiting some friends on their sailboat I was introduced to Sun Bum; a suncare line with everything from sunblock to hair care, lip balm, and even a line of accessories like footballs and t-shirts. As you are gearing up for summer and gathering all of your sun care needs, I would definitely check out Sun Bum.

Our mission at Sun Bum® is to create a quality brand of sun care products specifically formulated for people who live and love in the sun. We aim to create a brand that captures the essence and aesthetic of the beach lifestyle while protecting us, and the ones we love, from the harmful dangers of the sun. A brand, with a little edge, that reminds our customers that we are like them and not a giant disconnected corporation. We’re just a small company with a big dream of becoming the most trusted sun care brand in the world. ~ Sun bumI was sent quite the care package from Sun Bum; sunscreen (lotion and spray), after sun lotion, hair care such as shampoo and conditioner, 3 in 1 leave in conditioner, Sea Spray, hair gel, lip balm in three flavors, and even a few t-shirts and hats. The weekend after I received my Sun Bum goodies we put the sunscreen to use! Sun Bum Sunscreen is available in a range from 30 to 70; protection for everyone. We spent a warm spring day out at my dad’s ranch property celebrating his birthday fishing and kids running a muck. Being one of the first hot weekends I knew the sunscreen would be much needed. First of all, let me say we spent the day in the sun, reapplied the sunscreen a few times, per the instructions, and got home that evening with lovely sun kissed skin. No sunburn and no pink cheeks. Along with fabulous protection from UVA/UVB rays, Sun Bum Suncreen also includes Vitamin E for enriching your skin and smells amazing; like summer on the beach. So good. It is water resistent for up to 80 minutes and then needs to be reapplied. I also started using the hair care line right away. The Beach Formula Shampoo is designed to cleanse out saltwater, chloring and environmental pollutants

while delivering deep nutrients, smoothing, and shine. It is UV protecting and is enriched with Coconut Oil, Banana Pulp and Peel, Banana Leaf, Quinoa Protein and Sunflower Seed Oil. Paired with the Beach Formula Conditioner, my hair is left smelling incredible and I have seen amazing changes in my hair since introducing the Sun Bum products. It is smooth and silky; it feels healthier. I have also been using the 3 in 1 leave in conditioner and the Sea Spray and am loving them both. So is my daughter, Ava. She instantly loved the smell of the shampoo and conditioner and it’s now both of our favorite to use. She has also been sneaking off with the lip balm every now and then. It is smooth, makes my lips feel so silky and smells and tastes very yummy. Along with the feel and scent, it also is sun protection for your lips with SPF included. I also feel very confident using all of the Sun Bum products I received as many are hypoallergenic and they are all paraben and cruelty free. We have also been loving our Sun Bum hats and will be wearing them on the lake this summer! They are super high quality and incredibly stylish.If you are wanting to give Sun Bum and try and want a few products for the summer, the DayTripper is for you! Complete with Sunscreen Lotion, Sunscreen Lip Balm, and Cool Down Aloe Lotion, you will be able to see what Sun Bum is about. The premium travel sized sun care essentials will be perfect for those lazy days in the sun and I can guarantee you’ll be ordering more!

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