Spider! {A.G. Web Runner Spider Review}

Little boys love bugs! Bug, Bugs, and more Bugs. I knew I had a true boy when he saw a bug and was mesmerized. They actually frighten me. When I see a spider or bug, I yell for my hubby to come and get it!When my little guy had the opportunity to test out the A.G. Web Runner I literally {Squealed!!!} with fright.First thing we did was fully charge him up. Then he was ready to go. He squirmed all across the floor, up the wall, and even on the ceiling. Wow we were impressed. We had never seen a toy that could literally walk on the ceiling. The only down side is we have to recharge it after about ten minutes of use. So with an impatient little boy this presented a problem. Though it was cool it still sorta gave me the chills and creeped me out. My little guy loved it!If you have a little boy that likes creepy crawly things then this is the perfect gift for him.

The first remote controlled toy of its kind! This spider has realistic fully functioning articulated legs, glowing red eyes and can move over any smooth surface. Having 360 degrees of spin motion it will move on floors, walls and even upside-down. Its advanced air suction technology allows the spider to cling onto walls! The spider is completely controlled wirelessly via its combination remote control and charging station (6 AA batteries not included). Each spider comes with its own limited edition collector’s comic book as well as a lifelike spider bite temporary tattoo.
Check out the video below of the A.G. Web Runner in action:

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