Smart Baby Formula Maker

You know all those times when it is the middle of the night and you have to get out of bed to make babies bottle.  Baby is crying and want food NOW but you have to stumble to the kitchen, measure the formula, get the perfect temperature of water, and shake up the bottle.  But don’t shake too much you don’t want too many bubbles in baby’s tummy.  Bottles are nice but kind of a hassle huh!?  Typically, parents make a bottle of milk for their babies between the ages of 0-3 about 4,000 times, including approximately a thousand late night feedings!  Now there is an easier way to make bottles for parents who feed their babies formula and it’s called Milk Nanny.

Introducing Milk Nanny!

“Milk Nanny is the first fully-automatic appliance to make fresh, warm baby formula milk in just 15 seconds. The coolest thing about it. Milk Nanny can also be remotely controlled with a mobile phone. Parents simply connect to Milk Nanny with their mobile device via Wi-Fi, and they’re ready to start making milk. Milk Nanny knows exactly how much water and powder is needed to make a perfect bottle. Parents will finally be able to skip the daily chore of measuring and scooping formula from a can into a bottle, mixing with water and shaking it to get “most” of the clumps out. Current milk making machines on the market today can’t be started remotely, they produce clumpy milk, they’re not self-cleaning, and don’t look very nice sitting on your kitchen counter.  The Milk Nanny will change all of that!  The Milk Nanny has a MSRP of $199.00 and will be available to the public in.”

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