Shhh! 6 Things Nobody Tells You About Driving A Car

Humans learn something new throughout their lives. Not just kids, but adults are always in the learning phase too. Whether it’s mobile technology or latest laptop versions, we all are constantly learning with time, and when it comes to cars, well you know how it goes. Irrespective of whether you have been driving for years or you are about to start as a beginner there are numerous things that no one bothers to tell you about driving, which they should! Since the right information is the key to making wise decisions, let’s discover a few driving tips which you wish someone already told you.

Sitting right is crucial

If your posture is not right, then a quick brake can leave you in fright! Sitting too close or too far from the steering wheel will only act as a hurdle in the way of efficient driving. When it comes to ideal sitting posture, you should adjust your seat in a manner that the ends of your palms should be touching the steering wheel when stretched and your legs should be a little bent even when they are pressed. Once you develop the habit of sitting in such a posture, driving will become pleasant for you.

Blind spots can be deadly

Blind spots can be fatal for any driver which is why it is essential that you adjust to them before it’s too late. The right way to deal with blind spots is to use all your mirrors and fix them correctly, so any vehicle doesn’t come as a surprise to you. Even though there are numerous cars which are coming with blind spot detectors nowadays, it’s better to use your rear view mirrors to their full capacity and stay safe on the road.

No driver is perfect

If you have been living under the impression that there are perfect drivers who know everything about cars and drivers, then you are mistaken. If you look around you will find numerous types of drivers who are far from perfect. Some will be listening to loud music, and some will be talking on the phone while driving and then there will be those who will be busy chatting with their co-passengers. All these activities are distractions which leads to poor driving. Be a better driver by focusing on the road because your calls and food can wait till you reach your destination.

Warm it up

Half the population driving a car have no idea about the concept of warming it up. How many times have you started your car in the morning and sat there for a minute while your car engine warms up? Never did it, right? Well, if you still think you can’t develop this habit then no worries because in that case all you have to do is start driving at slow speed for a kilometer or two till you feel your car is ready to take on the load. This practice will prevent wear and tear of the engine to a great extent.

Neutral tips

If you have an automatic car, then this one is especially for you. It is highly crucial for you to understand that every time you change gears and bring your vehicle to the neutral, the car should not be moving. Register this in your mind if you don’t want to keep switching cars every two years because of engine’s depreciated conditions. Also, there are chances that when you are taking your automatic driving lessons in Birmingham, the instructor might inform you about this but it’s clear that now you are not going to forget it.

Light it right

The way you use your light at night says a lot about you as a driver. Whenever you are travelling on a heavily jammed road, it’s important that you keep your lights on the low beam setting so the other person driving can see the route clearly and not bump into you or the divider. If you keep your light on the high beam, chances of accidents are always high even if you are driving right.


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