Sealed By Santa {Holiday Gifts 2014}

Sealed By Santa

Oh my goodness! I am having a hard time believing it is already December 1st! has flown by and once again, the holiday season is upon us. Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. I love the family time and the ‘magic’ in the air. I have fallen even more in love with Christmas now that I have children. Wow! To see Christmas through the eyes of a child just never gets old. I think children are what make this season so magical. My kiddos {like yours, I’m sure} are incredibly excited about many holiday happenings and traditions, but especially the “man in red”! SANTA CLAUS is coming to town, y’all! I was incredibly excited to get each of my children their own official Santa letter from Sealed By Santa!

A family operated business Sealed By Santa is the only site offering authentic gold-colored letters with Santa’s official red wax seals. This adorable program offers personalized letters, Santa videos, phone recordings, a January postcard and many more options to create the merriest of holiday memories. From products like Santa evidence kits (to help prove that Santa was there), to a Nice List certificate signed by Santa Claus and Rudolph. The Sealed By Santa program can be scaled depending on a child’s age from baby’s first Christmas to teens that know “all about Santa” but keep the secret for the sake of younger children in the household. ~Sealed by Santa My kiddos are going to be incredibly excited when their letters from Santa arrive! They are both receiving the Santa Deluxe Pack from Sealed By Santa. This package is jam packed with several special holiday tokens from Santa himeself. It includes the Santa Letter with phone call, videos, reindeer food,Nice List Certificate, an autographed picture of Santa Claus, and don’t forget about Mrs. Claus!

The ordering process was incredibly quick and simple. I was able to personalize both letters with my child’s name and their christmas wishes. The letter even includes a special note for their sibling, which I think they will get a kick out of. We are currently waiting on our package to arrive, but I wanted to make sure and share this awesome site with y’all while there is still plenty of time to order before Christmas arrives! I’ll definitely share photos on Instagram when Santa’s letters arrive! It’s going to be an exiting day!Sealed By Santa has several different package options perfect for children of all ages! From baby’s first Christmas, school aged children, or teens that “know all about Santa”, but have younger siblings and want to share in the holiday spirit; a package from Sealed By Santa will bring even more magic to an already magical time of year for the children in your life!

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