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Any time you are organizing a group of more than 2 people, you should consider Jooners! Our online sign up sheets help you and your participants get on the same page without a ton of back and forth emails and reply-alls. Just like a paper sign up sheet, Jooners online sign up sheets lists items, jobs, times etc. for participants to select and sign up for. When my oldest daughter entered elementary  school seven years ago, I couldn’t wait to be “room mom”. Little did I know, the work involved, would at moments be overwhelming.  I guess my overachieving nature caused this, but I couldn’t help wanting everything to be perfect.  Afterall, some of the kiddos in the class had never experienced a “party”.  So I went about planning the craft we’d make, games to play, what we’d eat, and how I’d set the tables/decorate.  As I assessed my plan and realized how much time and money was involved, I knew reinforcements were needed.  Fortunately for me, our PTA generously donates money to each class to help with the party which took care of basics, but I found it was necessary to ask parents for more help.  A sign up sheet is the perfect way to list your wish items.  Back in the day, I left a paper sign up sheet with the teacher who distributed it to parents.  The problem is, sometimes sign up sheets turned up missing, or parents never received it.  With today’s technology are a breeze using websites like Jooners, an “online sign up sheet designed to streamline social event planning”.

With Jooners, I can select a pre-designed sign up sheet or create my own in a matter of minutes.  Each sheet is customizable according to your needs.  In the instance of a class party, I can choose how many volunteers I need for which activity, or the quantity of items I’ll need.  After my sheet is created I enter the e-mail addresses of each person I’d like to receive the list.  When volunteers are presented with my checklist they simply place their name in the appropriate slot.  I choose the option to be notified when someone volunteers (a premium account feature), this way I’ll stay up to date on remaining needs.  Super simple and effective!  Unlike mass e-mails with a myriad of replies and distracting chit chat involved, Jooners online signup sheet keeps me focused and other parents knowing exactly how to get involved.  Your volunteers don’t need an account with Jooners to participate and you can have a kind reminder of their commitment sent a day or two before the event.

Snowman Christmas Party

Although my class party days are numbered, and involvement gets less and less as my girls move into upper grades, I still have use for sign up sheets.  Jooners sheets are great for sports team snack sign up and even to organize trips.  With a free membership on Jooners you can create up to 5 sign up sheets.  If you upgrade to their premium membership you’ll have access to unlimited numbers of sign up sheet creation.


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