RMRV Holiday Gifts: Making It Personal {MyNameNecklace #Review}

I love shopping for presents during the holiday season.  I love it because I like finding just the right present for each person on my list.  I am not one of those people that just go to the store and buy a bunch of the same thing, keep it on hand, and then divvy it out to whoever is on my list.  I just like to make presents more personal than that. My Name is the perfect place to go to find personalized gifts for everyone on your list.  They specialize in selling a high-end selection of hand-made name necklaces, monogram necklaces and personalized jewelry.

My Name Necklace Review

They are dedicated to providing the finest quality products at the best prices along with excellent customer support. I was sent the Sterling Silver Monogram Necklace.  A monogram necklace is such a hot trend right now. Models and celebrities have been seen wearing monogram necklaces like crazy lately. One of my favorite things about a monogram necklace is that it is a lifetime piece.  Not only will it never go out of style but you can wear it your who life! Their products really are great quality! It isn’t flimsy material or cheap chains.

Here are my top 4 favorite things about this necklace:

1.  It is ME. This was made just for me with my initials. It is special to me.
2. It is lightweight.  Although it is made with great materials it is hardly even noticeable around my neck.
3. I don’t have an allergic reaction to it. I am allergic to nickle so sometimes I break out in a rash with jewelry, but not this necklace.
4. It is perfect for me…perfect length, perfect color, perfect size AND my hair doesn’t get wrapped around the chain in the back of my neck. LOVE IT!

Doesn’t it look awesome on me!?   It just love how it sparkles when the light hits it. The charm is just over an inch wide and an inch tall. You can make this necklace perfect for you too. Choose 1-3 letters for your monogram. Choose a 14″ (child), 16″ (young adult), 18″ (adult), 20″, or 22″ chain.  BTW, mine is an 18″ chain.  They also have  necklaces like this in 18k gold, with a bigger charm, in a colored acrylic, or with a birthstone. You can even have it written in a different language! I am telling you, you really can make it personalized for you or your loved one. Don’t think that these are just for ladies…they have things for male and female, young and old.  There are cuff links, bracelets, necklaces, keychains, earrings, rings…in all different styles, materials, designs, colors, etc. This will make the prefect present for anyone, anytime of the year!

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