RMRV Holiday Gifts: Fragrance On The Go! {Travalo #Review}

Twice a year I visit a local gift market that showcases new and unique products.  One of my favorite finds at market this year was Travalo’s perfume atomizer. What a fab new beauty tool!  Travalo makes it so easy to bring your favorite perfume with you when traveling or on the go.  It features a basically indestructible container made of aircraft grade anodized aluminum, which by the way, I’ve tested out when I clumsily dropped it on my bathroom tile floor…..no dents or cracks!  Using Travalo Classic & Excel eliminates worry over glass perfume bottles breaking or leaking during travel.  Love this!!!

Travalo’s design is brilliant.  Simply place Travalo upright (small hole on bottom facing down), on top of the nozzle on your big fragrance bottle (spray head is removed, nozzle underneath), then pump up and down until the tube fills up.  You can view the fragrance through the clear opening on the front of the container to see how much you have in there.  No mess; filling in seconds.  You’d think with a hole at the bottom of the container, perfume might seep out, but not even a drip comes out…..again genius design.  Once fully filled, Travalo offers 65+ sprays of fragrance, giving you enough to last for days or even weeks. Travalo is available in 10 fashion colors, and holds 5ml of liquid (well within compliance for air travel!).  Travalo classic has rounded corners to comfortably keep in a pocket or purse and weighs less than an ounce so you’ll hardly notice it’s along for the ride.  Take it to the gym, a night on the town or anywhere you need refreshing.  My Travalo is amazing!!!

Travalo generously gave my fellow Real Moms a chance to test their Amazing perfume atomizer, too.  Here’s what they had to say:

We are a traveling family! We love to travel and we have family in another nearby state so we are on the road quite often. I never took my perfume with me for the fear of the bottle spilling in my cosmetic bag, or worse breaking in the car. As much as I love the smell of my perfume, I am sure we would hate it if it were to break in a closed area like the car backseat. LOL I was recently sent a Travalo to test out. WOW, this baby is awesome! Easy to use and a must-have item for any mommy.  I had never heard of such a thing. It’s a genius idea that is now on my holiday gift giving list for my friends and family. It’s a small container that you fill with your larger bottled perfume. It’s air safe for your carry on and even pleasant to look at.  No more need to travel in fear Travalo has your perfume covered safe and sound and you can still smell great even when on vacation!

I am absolutely LOVING my Travalo on-the -go purfume holder. This baby is so sleek and slim, it fits right in with my lip glosses! I love that it is super easy to use. Simply take the nozzle off your existing perfume bottle, stick it on,  and hold it down until it fills up. No more being bummed when I run out the door without a spirtz of my favorite purfume. Also, it’s great becuase if you are out all day and want to freshen up for the evening, you always have your favorite fragrance at your fingertips. What a brilliant idea! I will be giving these babies to all my girl friends this year for birthdays! I am not a huge perfume wearer, but I do love me some body spray. I love to change them often…I don’t have a signature scent.

When I got the Travalo, I immediately filled it with my favorite body spray and put it in the pocket of my scrubs. After working all day, I can use a little pick me up, but I am not going to carry a full bottle of spray with me.  That’s why I think the Travalo is perfect.  It isn’t much bigger than a tube of chapstick!  It fits perfectly in a purse or pocket…or even a stocking Travalo generously sent me the Refillable Perfume Atom in a pretty black and I couldn’t be happier! This little gadget is so simple to fill with your favorite perfume and it is created with a tough aluminum and shatter proof window so you can be sure it is secure inside; no worries about shattering in your purse, pocket or travel bag. With a streamlined and sophisticated design and available in many great colors, theTravalo Refillable Perfume Atom is just as pretty as it is handy to have around. I will definitely be using my Travalo Refillable Perfume Atom when I travel and keep a spare perfume in my purse for when we are out an about.

Travalo would make fantastic stocking stuffer this holiday season!“The other day when I was out Christmas shopping I went into a fragrance store.  I asked about the price of a perfume.  They told me that for the 1 oz it was $48 and the 4.2 oz was $59.  WHAT!?  I can buy the tiny one for $48 or the huge one for only $11 more?!  That makes no sense.  The saleswoman explained that it is because the 1 oz perfume is the only one that will fit on a airplane.  With Travalo you don’t have to buy the $48 tiny bottle of perfume.  You just fill it from you big bottle!  That is GENIUS!  My husband is threatening to steal mine so I better get him one.  He always picks the scents he doesn’t really like or the samples that he received to take with him when we travel just incase they break in his bag.  He won’t feel bad losing his good stuff.  Now, you can take your favorite scent, now travel sized, with you anywhere…including the airplane!  Plus, you don’t have to worry about your bottle shattering in transit

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