RMRV Holiday Gifts: Big Fun For Little Ones {Tiny Love #Review & #Giveaway}

One of my favorite things to do with my son is play.  I love giving him toys and watching how he reacts to them.  I love seeing how he tries to figure them out.  I love seeing his face when he learns that the toy makes a noise.  I love watching how happy he gets when he sees his favorite toys.With Christmas coming I am trying to keep myself under control and not buy the whole toy isle.  I have decided I need to make sure I am getting good entertaining and stimulating toys.  That is why I love Tiny Love.  Their toys are always worth my dollar.Tiny Love is a multiple award-winning toy and baby product company, founded in They focus on “creating toys and accessories to promote and maximize baby’s development from birth through 12 months.”  My favorite kind of toys!!My son and I love to be on the go.  I take my son with me grocery shopping, on errands, to girls lunch, and clothing shopping.  He even comes with me on my morning run.  He is my little buddy.Too bad my little buddy isn’t content to just be with me….he wants to be entertained every now and then.    Once I bought him a little toy for his carseat carrier but he wasn’t interested in it and it hung low enough that it smacked him in the face when I carried him while walking.

Tiny Love provided him some fun and entertainment while we are on the go.

The Sunny Stroll is a fabulous on the go toy!  It is a flexible arch that connects to almost anything.  The little lobster claws just open up and close down with the simple twist of the yellow ring.The Sunny Stroll is designed for different stages of baby development.  If you use this toy between the ages of 0-3 months, baby can watch and focus on the toys.  Using the toy between 2-4 months will help baby as he starts to reach and become more interested in toys.  When the toys is used for babies 4-6 months they can really interact with the toy by bating at them, pulling them toward their mouth, and discovering what the toy can do.Lets start with the butterfly on the left.  The wings are crinkly and the center has little balls that mix around with spun.  It also has a dangling butterfly with crinkly wings.  My son LOVES crinkly things!!  Next, the sun, has crinkly rays and features a dangling flower complete with a mirror.  My son loves the mirror and sucking on the petals.  Lastly, the pinwheel features three birds that spin around.  See that dangling ball?  Not only does it have a little jingle bell in it, but when you pull it down and let it go, the pinwheel spins!  My son discovered this before I did.  It always surprises him when he gets it to work.We have used the Sunny Stroll on his stroller during walks, his carrier while we are at the store, and his bouncer while he waits for mommy to get ready in the morning.  We seriously use the Sunny Stroll everyday.  I just love that we can attach it to anything.  We have had so many compliments and “Where did you get that?” questions.  It catches more than just my son’s attention.

The Sunny Stroll is only $19.99!  That is an awesome price for such a wonderful and stimulating toy!!

Tiny Love also sent Mr. B an awesome Musical Stack & Ball Game.  This is the cutest little stacking toy.  There is a mixture of soft rings that velcro at the hands and plastic ring.  They each stack on top of each other and are followed up by placing the elephants head on the top.Not only is it a stacking toy but baby can put the jingly balls in the top of the elephant funnel.  When this is done the ball drops to the bottom and the baby is rewarded with lights and sounds.  Then the ball rolls out and baby can do it again.This is a toy appropriate for ages 6-12 months.  My son is almost 5 months now so this is still a little advance for him.  He will hold the ball and when he moves it makes a noise but he doesn’t know that the noise is coming from his movement.  Once he starts to sit up and can be more interactive with this toy he will get tons of use out of it.  Meanwhile, it has batteries in it and is ready to go when he is.

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