Staying On Top {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

Shopping for our gal pals is fun.  We just buy them what we would want them to give us   Some of my favorite things to receive are treats, makeup, and of course jewelry.  Real Moms Real Views Holiday Gift Guide is all about making your shopping easier this year so keep reading to learn about the best thing since sliced bread….

Luca & Danni is a jewelry company that reminds us “through love, inspiration, and passion, we should all boldly embrace the journey of life.”  There handcrafted items are sure to add a smile to your face and the perfect touch to your outfit.


Luca & Danni sent me their State Love bracelet in Utah!  I am IN LOVE with this bracelet!!  I love it because it shows my love for this beautiful state that I live in.  I love it because it is pewter and brass so it goes with everything.  I love it because it fits my chubby wrists.  I love it because the clasp is easy to do up with one hand.  But most of all, I love it because the charm STAYS ON THE TOP!!!  It is such a bummer when you get a great bracelet that you can’t wait to layer and wear and every time you turn around the dang thing is dangling underneath.  Well this cool cat stays on the top.  No more twisting and adjusting.  It is right where I want it to be EVERY TIME!!

This important feature is one of the things that makes Luca & Danni so special.  Every on of their bracelet’s charms stays on the top of your wrist.  Picture perfect every time!

It is lightweight and wears easily.  It is high quality…none of that cheap wire that you wear once and realized you were ripped off.  The wax seal stamp is lovely on the pewter.  It looks dressy or casual.  Also, I am allergic to nickle and don’t have any issue with this cutie.  Thank goodness because I wear it everyday!

State Love bracelets retail for $28 and come in every state including Canada and the maple leaf.  The heart is not relocatable to be placed over your city….it is just placed in the middle.  Lucky me, it happens to be over my city!!  Not only are they available in the pewter and oxidized brass like I received but they are also available in pewter and silver.

Luca & Danni have tons of great bracelets!  You have got to check them out.  You and your gal pals will love them!!

Luca & Danni is Real Utah Mom approved!



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