Naturally Clean, Deodorize, Heal and Knock Out Diaper Rash! {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

With two kids and a dog it is important for me to find products that are safe to use on or around all of them.  I don’t like using chemicals to clean.  Not only are the fumes harsh but I don’t feel comfortable with them around my pride and joys.  Safe, naturally products are always my first choice for cleanser and first aid.

Nixall is a company whose products all contain “hypochlorous acid and are formulated with varying concentrations to create a full line of products effective in several areas covering wound and skin care, to household cleaning or disinfecting, vet care and first aid.”

“The ‘magic’ behind the entire Nixall product line is not really ‘magic’ at all, but rather nature at its purest combined with proven science. Nixall’s main ingredient is hypochlorous acid, a infection fighting substance found naturally in the human body, and replicated by scientists by running an electrical charged through a combination of salt and water. This electro-chemical reaction reproduced the hypochlorous acid within a solution now known as anolyte water, and paved the way for a new generation of health, healing and cleanliness.”

I received the First Aid Solution, Skin & Coat Grooming Solution, Cleaner, and Wound & Skin Solution to review.

The First Aid Solution is super easy to use….just spray it on.  It is safe for minor wounds and irritations caused by cuts and scratches, insect bites/stings, sunburns, poisoned plant sap irritations, blisters, rashes, scrapes, and more.  Luckily we haven’t had much to use it on yet however I do have 2 little boys so we have plenty of scratches to try it out on.  We just give a little spray and let it work it’s magic.  My kids don’t have a problem with it.  It doesn’t hurt or burn and isn’t annoying to a little one like a band-aid can be.

Th Skin & Coat Grooming Solution is great for your furry friends.  It is a no-rinse, one step cleanser, hydrator, moisturizer, and deodorizer for pets.  It can be used on horses, dogs, cats, reptiles, and even birds!  It has so many uses too…a daily groomer for pet or horse, great for itchy dry skin or coat, ideal to use on dry patches, moisturizes and softens skin, soothes itchy, irritated skin and improves appearance of hair, and fur all in one step!!  It even removes odors such as feces and skunk!!  This has been our go to product for our ketchup and syrup licking dog.  Her face has been feeling a little gross and smelling a little like old food.  Spray and comb and we are good to go!

The Cleanser is a powerful deodorizer and cleanser safe around kids and animals. It is a replacement for the everyday chemical cleansers.  It can be used on kitchen counter-tops and bathrooms, in a nursery or on a changing table, to deodorize in a room, car locker or trash can, in a humidifier or air cleaning system, and even traveling in airports, hotels, public bathrooms, store carts, and rest stops as it is safe to use on your hands.  I keep it in the diaper bag to clean those nasty diaper changing stations before I lay my son in it.  A quick spray and wipe and the surface is clean and ready for my son to use.

Lastly, we received the Wound & Skin Solution.  This is safe to use on minor cuts, burns, skin abrasions, and irritations….even diaper rash!!!  This natural alternative is an easy to spray on solution that has no antibiotics, alcohol, steroids or triclosan in it.  It is non-sensitizing and non-irritating to skin and with it’s no sting formula it is great for for infants and kids.  We have been using this on my son’s diaper rash.  If he eats or drinks too much fruit anything he has raw bum for days.  We have been spraying it on at each diaper change.  It helps rejuvenate skin, keep your baby cleaner, and clean skin means skin that is less susceptible to irritations or rashes.  We haven’t seen any major diaper rash issues like before so it is doing it’s job!  My son even giggles a little when I spray it on.  LOL

Nixall is a great solution to harsh chemicals around the house, your child and pets! Give some to your neighbors, friends, or family members this holiday season.  They will thank you for a present they can actually use!



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