Keep Your Little Monster Occupied

Church….I have a love/ hate relationship with it.  I love going, the feeling I get while I am there, and learning.  I hate that it is so stinkin’ hard to keep my children quiet and occupied so that my husband and I and even those around us can listen.  I bring treats, puzzles, coloring books, and anything quiet that I can find and it only lasts about half the time needed.  Every week is a battle—but I have a trick up my sleeve.

HABA is one of my favorite companies for kids products, toys, and games.  High quality products that are not only built to last but to teach, to have fun, and to help grow.  Mini Monsters Magnetic Game is a perfect example of a HABA quality toy.  This fun magnetic game is a great way to stimulate creativity within any child.  A sturdy metal box houses 4 different background scenes and 143 magnetic pieces to create hundreds of different crazy monster combinations for fresh, fun, silliness every time!

This cute metal box is going to be the answer to my sanity in church….and who knows where else!  I am so thrilled about it.  Just pop the pieces out and get ready for a bunch of fun.  Put silly faces on them, feed them candy, add a tail or horns, or take them to the beach.  The options are endless and the fun limitless.  There are enough pieces that my boys won’t be fighting over them and backgrounds for each of them.  Someone was thinking about moms and dads when they created this.

I am going to go down in history as the mom with the quietest children in church….and it is all thanks to HABA!  The cute Mini Monster Magnetic Game retails for $14.99 and in my option is worth every quiet penny of it!!

HABA is Real Moms recommended!



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