Imagine The Fun {Holiday Gift Guide 2015}

I love the age when kids start pretending.  Barbies talk, cars drive on imaginary roads, and there are bad guys in Target that need to see some major ninja skills.  I especially love when kids take on a new role….a teacher, a doctor, a superhero, or a dog  Imagination is wonderful!!

Suitables Role Play Bibs, by Mixed Pears, is a fun way to help kids increase their imagination and have fun taking on new roles.  These are bibs that kids want to wear!    Mixed Pears’ goal “is to design and make high-quality baby and kid products that we wished existed when we were new parents and that other parents will love to own.”  They did it!  These bibs are fun and kids love them!!!

My son received the Chef bib.  This was perfect for him because he has been pretending to cook along side of me in the kitchen.  He will grab a random utensil (clean or dirty) and a random serving dish (plate, cake plate, bowl….clean or dirty) and pretend like he is making cookies.  He ALWAYS wants to help me too.  Anything he can’t help on (like cracking eggs) he holds my hands to make sure he has a part in all the action.  Looking like a chef is a must for this future Masterchef Junior competitor!


This bib is long sleeved to protect every inch of their clothes.  It has elastic cuff to make sure nothing gets hidden up their sleeve.  It closes in the back with no-snag velcro….why everything doesn’t have this kind of velcro is a mystery to me.  That stuff rocks!!  The bib is has a water and stain repellent and is easily wiped of clean.  If you need heavy duty cleaning just toss it in the washing machine.  The fabric is nice and lightweight and soft for delicate skin.  To make them even better…there is a flip-forward pocket to catch crumbs and dribbles!  Mixed Pears nailed it when they designed this.

There are so many cute designs too!  Kids can even pretend to be a panda, macaw, or fish!!  Something for every imagination!!

Suitables are one size fits all…1T-3T.  My son is a 3T and it fits him great!!  They retail for $19.95 and would make a great present for any creative child.

Suitables by Mixed Pears is Real Mom and child recommended!



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