Pregnancy Glow

I went in for a facial at the beginning of my pregnancy.  When the esthetician asked what I wanted to achieve I told her, “I want to look like I have that great pregnancy glow instead of this gross dull winter skin.”  Ever since getting pregnant I have been CRAVING that glowing mommy skin.  I am breaking out, drying up, and just looking gross and tired.  This is far from glowing. Aren’t these women just glowing?  They allude “mommy glow”.  This is what I was searching for am Pretty Mommies made it happen for me!  Pretty Mommies is a line of pregnancy-safe products designed just for mommies and their changing skin.  They created products make that you look good, smell good, and work great!  These all-natural products are the #1 physician recommended maternity skin care line.

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Pretty Mommies sent me their Three-Step System to put to the test.  I took their 10 day challenge to see if these products could change my skin and give me the pregnancy glow I was searching for.  This system is fast and easy to use.  There isn’t any sitting around and waiting for a mask to set.  Get in the bathroom, wash that face, and get out! Step 1 is the Let’s Be Clear.  Let’s Be Clear is a gentle facial cleanser that not only cleans but lightly exfoliates.  It is designed to give you “smooth, blemish-free skin that glows with an improved overall clarity, texture and tone.”  With just a couple pumps my face was cleaned.  It lathers but not like soap, keeping bubbles and foam out of your eyes and up your nose.  It has a nice subtle fragrance.  I used this morning and night.

Step 2 is the Truth Be Told.  Truth Be Told is a skin brightener.  It is designed to provide skin with high levels of antioxidants and anti-aging properties.  It leaves the skin bright and hydrated while at the same time calming inflammation and helping you fight acne and blemishes with it’s natural anti-bacterial ingredients.  Soft, bright, clear, young skin….YES PLEASE!  This is applied just after washing with the Let’s Be Clear.  I lightly patted my face dry and then applied the Truth Be Told morning and night. Step 3 is the Protect and Reflect.  Protect and Reflect is a daily use sunscreen.  Not only does this product provide protect from harmful sun rays but it prevents hyperpigmentation and melasma from worsening.  It gets better though!

You can use it as a makeup primer!!  It fills in fine lines, wrinkles and pores without clogging them giving you flawless looking skin.  I will take that too. Take a look at my before and afters.  You can see how much my skin has cleared up, pores are smaller, and skin is brighter and hydrated.  Look at how the darkness under my eyes have lightened up.  Look how the patches of dry skin on the side of my nose and chin are gone.  Look at pores on my nose…smaller and less blackheads.  Look I am even glowing a little bit! I LOVE Pretty Mommies!  I love the results I have gotten, the clearer skin, and the smaller pores.  Some days I do need just a little extra moisture so I will put on some virgin coconut oil as suggested by Pretty Mommies President and Founder, Gina Zeiger.  I am telling you, this system ROCKS!