Perfectly Affordable Glasses 39dollarglasses Com Review And Giveaway

As women, we are constantly trying to look our best.  Maybe I shouldn’t speak for an entire gender, so I will speak for myself, I guess.  I get up every morning at 4:30 to go to the gym and run.  I dish out big bucks to get my hair colored.  I have had my eyeliner permanently applied.  Granted, I don’t do my nails or go tanning, but I do have lots of things that I do to make myself look the best that I can.  A lot of the tings I do are things that don’t help over night, but help in the long run.  Others are an immediate “fix.”  One thing that can change or upgrade your look almost instantly is new glasses.  It is amazing what hot new frames will do to change your look.  They can be a pretty pricey investment, unless you try out has an amazing variety of glasses!  Not only do they carry women’s frames,

but they have frames for mens and kids, too!  Metal, plastic, rimless, semi rimless….they have them all!  One of my favorite parts is that you get to build your own, so they are exactly what you want.  There are hundreds of frames.  I love that once you have picked the frame, it gives you other frame color options.I went with the Megan in brown.  Once you have chosen the frames, you pick a lens color- there are 8 different options.  Not only can you turn your lenses yellow if you want, you can turn your Rx glasses into Rx sunglasses!  For $39?!  Get Out!!  Another fantastic part of the site, while browsing theselection of the frames, you can get a better idea of the size and dimensions of the glasses with the frame measuring guide that is listed with each frame.  There is also the option to print a life size picture of the frames so you can “try” them on before buying.   You can also upload a picture of yourself and virtually try on all different shapes, styles and colors of glasses until you find the perfect fit.  Most frames are $39-$49 and you can upgrade your lens to be scratch resistant. has super speedy service!  I placed my order on Wednesday and received my new glasses on Monday!  How is that for service?!  Once I open my package, I was immediately happy with my choice.  I love the little bit of bling and the color is amazing.  I love that the glasses come in a hard case so they are always protected.  My girls have all tried to convince me that they need glasses because mine are so cute!

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