Oh Baby Thats Clean

Before each one of my son’s were born I worked really hard to get the house nice and clean.  I got the carpets cleaned, cleaned all of the bathrooms, dusted the whole house, you get the drift.  Once I bring home the baby though it is much harder to keep the house clean.  Less time, less nesting, more tired, and more attention on other things.  Can I get an amen! Better Life has done it again!  I mean, I am in love with their products all over again!  I have introduced you to Better Life before HERE and HERE both time expressing how much I love their products.  Well now I have been introduced to more of their products and I love these just as much. I received the New Baby Essentials Kit just in time for Blake to be born.  I have been able to use this kit since bringing him home.  It is the greatest!

First in this kit is the what-EVER! all-purpose cleaner.  I have used this product in the past and loved it.  This time though, I got to try out the scent free version.  While I didn’t mind the Clary Sage & Citrus of the other variety it was nice to clean without scent.  I have used this on the door knobs, bathrooms, and in the kitchen.  I even used it on the dirty hand-me-down double stroller that has been sitting in the garage. Next, Simply Floored.  This is another product I have tried before.  In fact it is the only floor cleaner I use.  I love that it is easy to use, does the trick, and best of all, doesn’t have to be rinsed.  Who has time to rinse the floor when there are two kids to be tended to?  I use my Simply Floored on my tile and wood floors.

They always look great and I know that they are clean.  I also LOVE knowing that my son’s little hands and my dogs paws can be on the floor and I don’t have to worry about chemicals ending up in their mouths. The first new-to-me product in this kit is the No Regrets hand and body soap.  This soap contains “aloe, botanical extracts, and vitamins to soothe and condition your hands without drying them.”  We wash our hands around here quiet a bit….after changing diapers, playing with chalk, helping Beckham use the potty, taking out the trash….just to name a few.  I want to make sure I am providing a hard-working hand soap for my family but without the harsh chemicals.  Little one’s skin can only handle so much.

This citrus mint soap is all natural and can be used on the hands, face, or any part of the body. The next new-to-me product in this kit is Cool Calm Collected.  This hand and body lotion contains aloe and shea butter and is super moisturizing.   I like to keep this lotion right by the bathroom sink.  After using the No Regrets hand soap I moisturize my skin to keep it from drying out.  Between a newborn and a thirsty 2 year old I change a lot of diapers and would have very dry hands if I didn’t use Cool Calm Collected.  Plus I love that it has a nice citrus mint scent.  My husband also likes this lotions because it isn’t a girly scent and doesn’t leave him feeling greasy…two reasons why he typically doesn’t use lotion.

Now I catch him putting lotion on his hands, arms, legs, and feet.  Converted! The last new-to-me product in this kit is the 2am Miracle.  This yummy lavender and chamomile nursery cleaner is safe to use on “cribs, changing tables, changing pads, car seats, highchairs, diaper pails, toys, walls, doors, floors, and mattresses.”  We use it for ALL of those.  Before putting new sheets on I spray the wipeable mattress down and give it a good cleaning.  After taking out the dirty diapers I give the inside and outside of the diaper pail a good wipe down.  This has been put to work on a sticky highchair and a chocolate covered carseat.

Soft scent but hard work! Also in this kit are 2 general purpose microfiber cloths.  I have a few of these and love them!  They are great in the bathroom, kitchen, nursery, you name it!  Just toss them in the washer when you are done.  They wash up great and will save you money on paper towels! Lastly, the kit comes with a six compartment cleaning caddy.  Made from recycled material, this caddy can be filled up with your favorite Better Life products and hauled from room to room for quick and easy cleaning.  It is collapsible for easy storage….or just keep your cleaners stored in it so you can grab and go!

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