Micro Mini Scooter Review

While most moms would be nervous about their little ones getting on a scooter….the mini micro scooter is geared toward kids ages 3-5.  The mini micro scooter puts fun under their little feet! We were lucky to have the opp to review a ‘red’ mini micro scooter first hand this week.Originally I thought this scooter would be for my almost 5 year old son. I figured that it would be too dangerous for my daughter who is two years younger. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. I love the stability that this scooter provides. It glides smoothly and it is low to the ground. Surprisingly, my 3 year old daughter can ride it and she loves it too!!!Always make sure your kiddos wear a helmet when riding! My son was just posing in this picture, but I always make him wear his helmet when on the scooter.

The scooter works with a lean-to-steer concept. This teaches my kids balance and coordination. While we did have a few falls the first time riding it, they finally got the hang of it. It’s light weight so my kids can pick it up easily, it’s very well built. Putting it together was a breeze and only took 1 minute. Just snap the handle bar in and your kids will be gliding away down the sidewalk.Plan on hours and hours of fun on this scooter, my kids didn’t want to get off it.Here’s a video so you can see it in action!

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