Make Refreshing Flavored Water At Home Fruit Infusion Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher Review

Summertime is hot, Hot, HOT here in Texas!  To keep cool, it’s a necessity to have air conditioning, a plus to have a pool, and a must to have ice cold water, lemonade or sweet tea to quench our thirst.  I particularly like to experiment with flavored waters because there are no extra sugars and its the best fluid to hydrate our bodies…..afterall, the human body is made up of 60- 75% water.FRUIT INFUSION™ Natural Fruit Flavor Pitcher is keeping my family’s thirst quenched.  This wonderful acrylic drink pitcher has an interior slotted rod that holds sliced fruit to flavor water, tea or beverage of choice.  Placing fruit inside the rod ensures that just the flavor gets into the water, and not large pieces of fruit and seeds which make it more difficult to drink.

As soon as my pitcher arrived, I went to work slicing lemons and strawberries to test it out.  I added the quartered pieces into the rod and screwed it onto the lid.  Next, I filled the container with water and placed the lid on top.  Into the fridge it went to chill.  A couple of hours later, I pulled it out to serve at my hubby’s birthday dinner.  I really could taste both the lemon and strawberry flavors!  Yum!!The longer the water stayed in the fridge, the stronger the flavor became.  I also tried blackberries and limes. My daughters used our new Fruit Infusion Pitcher for their lemonade stand at our garage sale.  We didn’t hand squeeze the lemonade, so the next best thing was to put mix lemonade inside the container and place sliced lemons in the rod for a more natural flavor.  It worked because the girls were able to sell it!
Enjoy refreshing lemon water, raspberry iced tea and more. Crystal clear acrylic pitcher has removable fruit infusion rod that screws into lid. Open slots in rod allow liquid and fruit to mix naturally. Fill the rod with cut lemons, limes, raspberries, etc. Pitcher may be continually refilled without having to replace the fruit. 93 Ounce, 2.9 Quart.  Hand-washing recommended.  BPA Free. ~ Prodyne

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