Lunch Boxes Rejoice {#Review HoneyMaid Grahamfuls}

Everyday I send 4 kids to school. Three of them eat lunch at school everyday, the other one takes a lunch to the babysitter a few times a week. Then there is the hubby who eats most lunches in the car-on the go. And me, well, I am lucky to get a 10 minute break to inhale a little bit of lunch. All of us eat lunch out of a lunch box, a paper bag or a Wal-Mart sack a few times a week. I try to keep lunches a little exciting. We buy individual packs of chips, juice boxes, pudding, apple sauce, Twinkies, and about everything else that comes wrapped up. My kids were super excited to see 3 boxes of Nabisco Grahamfuls sitting on the kitchen table. There is a chocolate, chocolate and peanut butter, and banana creme.

They immediately wanted to eat one of each. I limited them to one in their lunch box the next day. Each individually wrapped pack has a 4.5 inch long graham sandwiched with a flavor of deliciousness. I think the graham is a little thicker then a regular graham, but it may just be that there are two of them. The filling is more of a thick spread rather then a frosting. No need to worry about this treat getting all over your little one. The kids liked the chocolate peanut butter one…me, I LOVED the banana creme. I thought it tasted like banana pudding with a little crunch.  Boxes of 8 sell for about $3 and you can find them just about anywhere. They are worth a try!! My only suggestion…S’more flavor!! Would that be super delish or what?! Yummy!! Real Mom and the Lunch Crew Approved!

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