Look Like A Celebrity Mama {Seraphine #Review}

Before I tried to get pregnant I would look at maternity clothes and think, “I can’t wait to wear those super cute clothes.”  Then when I was pregnant and went clothes shopping suddenly they didn’t look so cute.  I felt like before I was pregnant I would be happy with anything in the store, but then when I was pregnant I had to search for a cute top, forget dresses, skirts, and pants.  I had a really hard time finding things I liked and a REALLY hard time finding things I loved.Of all the things I found a very small handful of them could be wore after having a baby.  They just screamed pregnant.  Plus they weren’t easy to nurse in.

Seraphine Maternity is the greatest place to shop for maternity clothing that transitions into nursing wear!!  Let me repeat, maternity clothing that transitions to nursing wear!   Get the most out of your maternity clothes.Seraphine Maternity is “inspired by the best of European style and are designed to flatter your changing shape.”  Their clothes are not only designed to be super cute and flattering but they will last you all nine months of your pregnancy and through nursing.  “Seraphine Maternity has gained a following among celebrities on both sides of the Atlantic with numerous stars being spotted wearing Seraphine while expecting.”Look at Halle Berry, Alyson Hannigan, January Jones, and Jennifer Garner…don’t they all look stunning in this outfits?  I am the type of girl that thinks, “Wish I could find what they are wearing.  And if I could I wish I could afford it.”  Well now I (and you) can!!Seraphine sent me a gorgeous Jersey Popper Maternity and Nursing Top!  This shirt fits while you are pregnant and long after.  It drapes nicely over your baby bump and is super flattering.  Then, see the snaps near the armpits?  Unsnap those for easy breastfeeding!  It is genius!  This is the most practical nursing top I own!  I mean, I don’t mind the shirt that leave enough room that you can push the top down but unsnapping the shirt is nice and easy.  I love this shirt because it nicely camouflages the postpartum body that I am working hard to get ride of.

Isn’t it wonderful how you can wear this after your baby is born and it doesn’t scream maternity?!  Right after my son was born my pre-baby clothes weren’t fitting yet but so many of my tops looked like maternity tops that I felt silly wearing them.  Not to mention that they had way more belly room than I needed.
There are a few things to be aware of when purchasing this shirt.  First, the neckline is a little wider…as seen below.  This could potentially be a problem if you don’t like wider necklines.  You may have to wear a shirt under it to wide peeking bra straps….then that makes nursing not as simple as it originally was with this shirt.The other thing to be aware of with this shirt…there are so many different colors and it is so cute you won’t know which one to choose!  Besides the two colors shown about there are these four.Tough choices huh!?  I love this shirt and am lucky to have been given the opportunity to not only learn about this company (that I will be purchasing tons from in the the future) but have received an adorable shirt that I look and feel good in.  Kind of makes me want to get pregnant again so I can wear it with a baby bump.  (Okay…I can wait for that!)

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