Little Lacey

I encourage my kids to follow rules.  After all, I am married to a cop.  We stop at stop signs, we don’t litter, and I silence my phone in the library.  But there are some rules that we may not “break” but stretch just a little bit.  I have told you before that my kids wear uniforms to school.  In all honesty, I love that they do.  We don’t spend time in the morning deciding what to wear.  Navy or tan…those are your choices.  We are always trying to “legally” spruce up our uniforms.  There isn’t much you can do without getting in trouble, but I may have found a loop hole in our schools dress code. Socks.

They are allowed to wear “white or navy blue socks” to school.  It never says anything about not being able to wear ADORABLE socks!  Crissa introduced us to Grace & Lace last month.   Grace & Lace sent her a pair of Dainty Lacey socks in black.  She rocked them with her leggings and boots.  Mia went a different route.  She received her very own pair of Lil Dainties socks from Grace & Lace.  They are the little girl version of what Crissa modeled for you.  Everything smaller is cuter, right??  You are going to love these!!  Mia picked the Ivory socks–because they are super close to white.  If worn alone, you could get away with Ivory socks and a white top.  She paired them with her school plaid skirt and some little moccasin shoes.   I tried to tell her that they were knee high socks, but she insisted on pulling them until they were tight.  She is six and they came just above her knee.  She wears a size 12 shoe and the heel was a little baggy, so I am sure they would be great up to like a size 2 or 3.

I  love that not only are the socks chevron so you can see through them, but the lace detail with the buttons on the top is darling!  She loved how fancy she looked in her new socks!  Not only are they darling with a skirt, but she looked so cute when she wore them with her skinny jeans and her cowgirl boots.  I love that they aren’t just for church.  I have to admit that I was totally jealous of her and want a pair for myself!  Not only do I love the Dainty Lace, but I LOVE the LouLou and the Miss Molly.  Now that fall is in full swing, it is officially boot and sweater weather and these boot socks are a must!  Dress up or dress down, these socks are sure to turn you into a fashion statement.  Just be ready to pass on the name of Grace & Lace because people WILL ask where you got them!  If you want to give the gift of the year, add these darling sock to any ladies stocking.  Young or old, you can’t go wrong with one of the many different socks and boot socks that Grace & Lace offers.

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