Little Grippers

My baby has lost so many socks because she simply pulls them off and throws them. The more I tell her to leave them on the bigger the game becomes! Little Grippers has found the answer to this frustrating dilemma. Award-Winning British Brand Baby, Toddler, School, and Sport Socks that stay on, up and in place all day long!I received the Essential Giftbox Collection, in the baby pink mix. It comes with 2 light pink and one white pair of socks. After putting a pair of the Little Grippers on my baby I put them to the ultimate test. I took her to the store without putting shoes on. It was really amusing because she would constantly try to take them off and throw them on the ground but they stayed in place. What keeps them in place? It is the very thin layer of natural silicon directly applied to the inside of the sock cuffs. Little Grippers call this “stay on technology.” This technology is hypoallergenic and 100% natural. They make it breathable so that it does not irritate your child’s skin.

Little Grippers has a product range that includes baby and toddler socks, school socks, sport, and welly socks. The sport socks will work perfect for my kids when they start soccer this spring. They will stay up throughout the whole game without them having to pull them up all the time.If you have issues with socks staying on your children’s feet you need to try Little Grippers. You won’t be disappointed!! Get yours at

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