Lineagewear is a new company specializing in made to order, lightweight, fashionable performance leggings that will take you from studio to street. Each pair of Lineage leggings is handcrafted in New York City, each pattern and fabric road tested by real people. The best leggings ever! Made to order performance spandex leggings for running, yoga, studio to street. ~Lineagewear

Women Performing Yoga on Green Grass Near Trees

I received the most beautiful Smoke pattern leggings from Lineagewear. They arrived and I was instantly smitten with the gorgeous and colorful pattern as well as the awesome fit. They fit like a glove and have stretched and moved with my body through several of my strength and cardio workouts the past week. These leggings are incredibly versatile; great for any activity! Yoga, running, lifting weights, HIIT workouts…pick your posion and Lineagewear leggings will get you through your workout. They are so comfortable and don’t ride up…or down throughout my workouts. They stay put and I love that. No tugging and pulling to keep them in place and the spandex feels incredibly silky. Lineagewear leggings come in a range of sizes from 0-18. Lineagewear does not believe in a “one size fits all” sizing guide. They want EVERYONE to be able to sport their fantastic leggings and if for some reason your size isn’t listed, you can email them and they will work with you on getting you a fitting pair! I love that. We are all created differently and may require different sizing and I think it’s really incredible for Lineagewear to see the importance of being available to all; excluding nobody. You can find several wonderful patterns at Lineagewear and their leggings are top notch. High quality leggings at an affordable price!

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