Keeping Medicine Locked Up Kids Safe

Before we had kids…we used to leave our meds in the cupboard or counter, that is not something we can do now. With three little ones I am always finding them getting into something they shouldn’t be into.  Recently, I went through our cabinets and put everything away that did not have a child proof cap. I didn’t want to leave to chance that my kids would find them.  The only problem was I needed medicines kept in my cupboard that I could access on a daily basis.This wasn’t possible with them all put away in my basement. Recently, I was sent the Medicine Safe to try out. I was very impressed. It’s heavy duty and provides the perfect place for medicines you need at hand on a daily basis, but you want to keep safe from your kids. It fits perfectly in a standard medicine cabinet and is very easy to use.  It’s perfect for any household and a must-have item in this mom’s eyes.


The Medicine Safe is an attractive, ergonomically designed safe with steel reinforced composite body construction engineered to keep prescriptions and over the counter medications organized and secure. Accommodating prescription bottles of up to 4” tall, the Medicine Safe keeps medicine secure with its patent pending locking mechanism that deploys two steel “double throw” locking bolts. The Medicine Safe rests perfectly inside a standard medicine cabinet or can be securely mounted by using any combination of 6 prepositioned mounting points.

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