Elderly Care: Top 4 Activities to Keep Your Parents Happy and Healthy

Caring for aging parents is like role reversal. Those who raised us are now our responsibility. From dressing to medications to appointments, our elders need assistance in every aspect. But in a busy schedule, it doesn’t seem very easy to cope up with all these tasks. 

So, what can we do to improve the health of aging parents in a busy life? Deciding what is good for your parents is really difficult. Aged care requires knowing what interests your parents. What are the things that make them happy? Whom do they love to meet? What are the moments that bring a smile on their face? If you have knowledge of these distinct details, then you can brighten up their golden years that are free-from isolation and loneliness.

Aged care requires patience and deep understanding. You should look after your parents as mother care for his/her child. And the best way is to spend some quality time with them. So, here is a list of activities you can do to add fun and excitement in their old age. 

  • Chat over a Coffee: Elderly are most affected by isolation. As per a report by the University of California, about 43% old-age feel isolated on a regular basis. And it could have an adverse effect on their mental health. But, it can be avoided by spending some time with your loved ones. After you finish your work, prepare a coffee or any other beverage they love to drink and chat with them. Ask them how the day was? Talk with them about their treasured moments. You can even have a chat about your childhood memories that will benefit both of you. 
  • Take Advantage of Technology: Technology has completely transformed our lives. You can use this to your advantage and connect with your parents. Teach them the basics of video callings apps, entertainment channels and many other services technology has to offer. Make use of video apps like skype so they can easily communicate with their friends and other family members. Gift them voice-controlled gadgets that can be helpful with their daily chores. You will find your parents are much happier and joyful than those previous dreary days. 
  • Go for Shopping: No matter what, sitting and roaming in a room for days makes the mind and body stressful. And when your parents have nothing to do, it becomes even worse. So, it’s a great idea to take your parents for shopping or to the local market. They will feel refreshed and could enjoy the favourite snack from their special shop. If fortunate, they could meet with their old friends that will surely make them happy. 
  • Visit to Social Gatherings: If it is social gatherings that interest your aging parents, help them join a senior club. With people similar to their age-group, they will be able to express their feelings openly and build social connections. It might happen, your parents might build a new circle of friends. 

You can also take your parents to fishing, encourage them to join yoga classes, help them with cooking, or spend time with them over a game of chess. There are various activities you can do that will make your parents happy, healthy and lively. Just identify what interests them and take out your time to make the golden years of parents the most memorable one. 

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