Top Hacks for Improving Your Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is more than just a room: it’s your private retreat from the world. With the right upgrades and tweaks, you can optimize this space to help you unwind after a stressful day and get a good night of sleep.

How To Improve Bedroom

Here are some of the best hacks for improving your master bedroom.

Upgrade Your Mattress

One of the best investments you can make for your health and wellness is a high-quality mattress. Consider finding a mattress that suits your preferred sleeping position. For example, a side sleeper requires additional joint and hip support to offset the impacts of gravity(source:

If you share a bed with someone who has different sleeping requirements than you, consider getting an adjustable bed with dual sides or placing two smaller mattresses side-by-side. Choose a breathable mattress that offers support while allowing for proper ventilation, airflow, and temperature control.

Add Baseboard Lights

If you tend to get up throughout the night, consider adding motion-sensor baseboard lights. These lights are bright enough to light the way through your room without waking anyone else. They’re a must-have addition to the master bedroom for parents and the elderly.

You can install removable, battery-powered baseboard lights along the edge of a solid bed frame to help prevent stubbed toes in the middle of the night. It’s also worth installing these near the door to avoid fumbling in the dark.

Decorate with Live Plants

Breathe new life into your master bedroom by decorating with live plants. Plants are a timeless decor piece that adds value to any room by creating a calm atmosphere and even purifying the air in some cases.

Add sun-loving vining plants in hanging baskets near your windows for a bohemian-inspired look. You can also use low-light plants like African violets or lucky bamboo on your bedside table for a subtle pop of color. For those with an open wall and a green thumb, consider installing a vertical garden or living wall installation.

Install Black-Out Curtains

Getting a good night’s rest is all about creating the ideal sleep environment. One key component of an ideal sleeping environment is darkness. Fortunately, you don’t have to turn your bedroom into a cave to create a dim environment at night time.

Install black-out curtains or panels on the back of your existing curtains. Use these to block out the light as needed to create the ideal sleep environment. Heavier panels can also help block noise from outside, enhancing the environment further.

Use Calming Colors

Color psychology plays an important role when choosing the right paint for your master bedroom. Rich jewel tones and subtle neutrals have a calming effect that adds to the ambiance of the room. By choosing these colors, you can create an emotional reaction that helps your body relax after a long day.

If you like bold, bright colors and struggle with the idea of having a dark or neutral room, use accent pieces to add dimension to the space.

Install Functional Storage

Master bedrooms rarely have adequate storage. Install functional storage options by optimizing the space under your bed and behind your door. Adding a few hooks and trundles can go a long way when storing seasonal clothing, footwear, and outerwear.

Don’t forget to use vertical space when installing storage options. Adding a floating shelf over your door or window is ideal for books, jewelry, hats, and other miscellanies that need a home.

Improve the Flow

Consider the overall flow of your room. The more spacious and functional it seems, the more relaxed you’ll feel when you enter the room. Adjusting the flow of your room is also helpful for keeping it tidy and improving circulation.

Before you start moving heavy furniture around, use a floor plan app to find the right arrangement for your belongings. Consider replacing bulky furniture— like big nightstands— with a smaller, minimalist-inspired alternative.

Add Warm Lighting

Finally, you can enhance the atmosphere of your master bedroom by adding various lighting options. Focus on using warm lighting to improve the ambiance rather than cool, blue-hued bulbs. Add options for your lighting, including dim table lamps for when you want to relax and bright overheads or sconces for times when you’re getting ready to go somewhere. 

Don’t hesitate to add a bold accent light as a focal point of your master bedroom decor. A stunning pendant or chandelier can add a sense of luxury to your room.

Use these simple hacks to turn your master room into a personal retreat.

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