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I spent most of my childhood wishing I had glasses just like my big brother had. I thought they were so cool and I was always mad I didn’t have any. Then in college I was trying to read the board from about half way back in the lecture room and realized I had a problem, I couldn’t see the words written, it was all a blur. My once perfect eyes weren’t working as well for me anymore! Turned out I had an astigmatism and I have worn glasses and contacts ever since. Guess I got my wish! Of course now that I am a grown up I realize how lucky I was to spend my childhood glasses free. I am thankful that there are some companies that product cute frames  to keep my looking fashionable. ICU Eyewear has a wide variety of fabulous reading glasses and sunglasses in a ton of different styles, patterns, colors! Love it!ICU’s approach to design is refreshing, refined, global, and globe-friendly. Each pair of ICU readers is somet

ICU Eyewear generously sent me three pairs of glasses; two readers and one pair of sunglasses. I do have an astigmatism that won’t allow me to wear readers, but my plan is to take the frames to my optometrist and have them put my prescription lenses in them. So excited! The Oval Aviator Sunglasses in Gold are so awesome! I have been looking for a good pair of aviators for a while now, not all aviators look good on me. The Oval Aviators from ICU Eyewear look great and are a wonderful fit. The quality is exceptional and I am going to enjoy wearing these sunglasses throughout the upcoming Texas summer. I wear contacts a lot during the summer just for that reason, so I can wear sunglasses! Both pairs of the readers I received are equally as perfect and high quality. The Ridged Cat Eye in tortoise are such a cute style and a bit sassy! So fun! I love the ridged cat eye as it is a unique feature! I also received a pair of Tortoise Front/Zyl blue {similar to these}; a great tortoise frame with a baby blue earpiece. Obviously I am a fan of tortoise, but absolutely LOVE that these frames have the blue color on the earpiece. It looks really great and the frames fit my face perfectly! I can’t wait to get my prescription lenses in these and start wearing them! They are so unique and I can already tell they will by my favorite glasses! ICU Eyewear offers reading glasses and sunglasses for men and women in so many styles. You are sure to find the perfect pair for you and I just can’t say enough about the quality and service from ICU Eyewear. I am a new fan and I already know I will be ordering more glasses from ICU Eyewear.

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