Icebox Wide Sherrieblossom Makeup Organizer

When it comes to my make up and beauty products….let’s just say I am not the most organized. I tend to have things here and there and when I need them, I can never find them. Whether you are a beauty guru or everyday jane, Sherrieblossom has something for you. I think everyone loves a little organization in their life…Sometimes I can be a little obsessed with celebrities and their reality shows. I love watching their eccentric lives and seeing their homes and clothing. While I know it’s not really my ‘reality’ it’s often fun to just watch. A while back I was watching Keeping up with the Kardashians and I saw a Kardashian makeup organizer that was to die for!!! It was an acrylic clear box. I was smitten. I loved how sleek and sophisticated it looked and that it stored all their make up within reach. I wanted one! Where can I get it?My ICEbOX WIDE arrived courtesy of Sherrieblossom. It was packaged perfectly in the perfect size box, covered in bubble wrap to make sure it arrived in pristine condition. I felt like it was Christmas morning and I had a present to open up. Eeeek! I opened the box and slid out my new vanity organizer. BEAUTIFUL! It was exquisite. I was blown away by how gorgeous it was in person. It was like a shiny new gorgeous piece in my room, and I keep walking in just to look at it a few times through out the day.

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Let’s talk size: This baby is sized at 15L x 12W x 12H. I found it to be the perfect size for my vanity. While I wish I could put it in my bathroom, I am afraid my little ones would do a number on my make up and it would end up all over my cabinets again :(. I have to keep it in my bedroom where I know it will be safe and all it’s contents inside!It also comes with different spacers so I can arrange however I desire. This makes it great for putting lip glosses or compacts in a spot that fits them perfectly. Or organizing my brushes will be a dreamShout out to this fabulous company as each and every box is made in the USA. Love that!Here’s my ICEbOX WIDE with my everyday basics such as powder and smashbox eye shadow in it. Since I am a mom to three little ones, there isn’t much time for dolling my self up. I know I need to get back to that and I plan on giving myself a little more me time this year.Now I need to go shopping to get some more goodies to put in it. I love that I can see everything and find it quickly when getting ready for the day or night out. I am blown away by how great it looks in my room. A definite statement piece that has both style and function. I plan on putting a velvet fabric in the bottom drawer and putting all my jewelry in it. I love that I will have everything in one place. Wow, I feel so Kardashian right now.This beauty comes with a price tag of $415. While that may be a big investment to some moms, it is well worth it in my eyes. This is not a cheap box that you buy at a big box store that will last you only a few months.  I have looked high and low for something that compares to this and I haven’t been able to find anything. Let’s do the math over the years. Say you purchase this beauty box and use it for 20 years, which it should definitely last for. Me being in my 30’s means I will use mine easily until my 50’s. That comes out to just over $20 per year.

Truly a unique, high quality piece that will make a statement on your vanity and keep you organized!

“There are plenty of knock-off brands on the market and not one of them produces the exquisite “museum quality” beauty organizer that The Sherrieblossom Company does. We are the inventor, designer and creator of this industry and the ICEbOXES are also patent protected. The Sherrieblossom Company spends an extensive amount of time to produce each ICEbOX with the hands of our master fabricators. Each ICEbOX is not just an organizer, it is luxury, crystal clear, pristine, work of art made for the woman who will only settle for the best of the best. Every seam is polished with a diamond and creates the sparkle you see, and Lucite is used which is a designer brand acrylic with the most beautiful fluorescence. We also use our own proprietary glue which dries invisibly. The ICEbOX requires over 400 individual, slow and meticulous hand made steps to produce.”  ~Sherrieblossom Company