how to Pick the Perfect Color and Style of your Garage Goor?

Garage doors define what people are going to tell about your house. It covers a major part of your facade. The color and style of your garage door are thus very crucial because while selling the property, the buyer will look for a better curb appeal. This is the first thing your visitors are going to lay their eyes on. The larger this door, the larger the impact. It further adds to the aesthetics of your home. Here are some tips for picking the perfect color and style for your garage door. 

  1. White

White color is such a head-turner when used on garage doors. It is one of the most commonly used colors. It looks great on houses that are painted a neutral color like grey or beige. It also enhances the curb appeal. If you want to make your house look larger and stand out, you can use the same color as your house. 

  1. Adding Elements from your Exterior

You can make your garage door look better and grab more attention by adding elements from your exterior. Roller doors in Brisbane have developed this idea of inculcating elements from your home. You can do landscaping and carefully chosen design for walkways. You can also try to buy accent colors from your home like window trims color or your front door or exterior slidings. If you want the attention away from your exteriors, you can color the garage door the same color. If you own a vinyl-sided home, there are many colors to choose from. 

  1. Soft Grey

This shade of grey is trending as it blends into any house color. It gives a classy and chic vibe to the house. Instead of being a focal point of your house, this color just falls back with the rest of the house and looks softer than white. 

  1. Curb Appeal

If you want to add some richness to your overall house, you can go for warm rich tones for a better curb appeal. The colors like maroon red or a rich dark brown will do the job. You can also achieve this look with some faux wood or the wood-grain finish. 

  1. Dark Grey or Black

Black or dark grey easily adds the trendy hip feel to your house and it is one of the classics. They are easy to maintain as they can cover any marks when compared to whites and light grey doors. It is to be made sure that your color scheme is matching with the door. It can either take your house to a whole new level or just make it look sharp if you do not plan it properly. 

  1. Use one Color

You should not experiment with colors when it comes to garage doors. Since it contributes so much towards the curb appeal of your house, your property is likely to lose its value if you have a major part of your facade mixed with different shades. Stick to single, sleek and appealing solid color which makes your home looks neat and blend with the neighborhood. 

  1. Beige or Taupe

If your exterior is made of stones or bricks, you can use beige or taupe for the garage doors. This color is a nice neutral color if you are not into white or black. You can consult services which fix garage door motors in Brisbane to know more about the different colors that can suit your house. 

  1. Blending with the Neighborhood

When considering resale value, your garage door plays an important role. You can stick to the overall theme of your neighborhood. It is recommended as no one will like to buy a place which stands out from the rest of the neighbourhood. If your neighbourhood is reserved and traditional and has garage doors of the same color as their house, you should do that too. If your neighbourhood asks you to be different and leave a statement, you should step up and make an even more appealing garage door to stand out. 


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