How to keep your Luxurious Sheepskin Beanbags looking as good as New?

Whether it’s inside your den, or finding a warm spot under the sun to read a book, bean bags always come to the rescue. And when made from high quality and upholstery grade sheepskin, these take luxury to a whole new level. They add a touch of class and sophistication to your house, and are quite simply in a league of their own. So, in case you want to choose the best seat for yourself in the entire neighbourhood, we recommend you to add these luxurious forms of seating at your humble abode.

These sheepskin pieces of wonder can add just the right amount of comfort and style to your home, flat, super yacht, chalet, or even hotel. Wrap yourself in softness as you sit on these giant balls of wool, and feel like you just got lost in it. These come in various chic, subtle shades, hand crafted specially to add that head-turning natural texture to your home. So, the next time, you are thinking of adding some value to your home, go for sheepskin beanbags or maybe adorn the living room couch with some pretty fur cushions. Eluxury Home provides the people of Australia with the largest ever collection of sheepskin beanbags. You can choose from an extensive colour palette according to your personal taste and interior space.

General guide to caring for your sheepskin beanbags

Caring for a sheepskin beanbag isn’t rocket science; but yeah, it takes a bit more effort than just throwing the outer shell into the washing machine. Taking the time out to give your precious and soft bean bag the treatment it deserves, shall keep it looking clean for months, and extend its lifespan. Sheepskin has a soft and elastic feeling, is durable and inherently naturally dirt resistant. As they contain natural oils, it makes them repel water and dirt. So, let’s see what the tips are, to maintain their unmatchable appearance:

  1. Everyday care: One of the most crucial things to remember is to never let your bean bag come into contact with direct sunlight. UV rays can cause damaging of the fibres as well as discolouration. Also shake it on a regular basis, which will fluff up the fabric, as well as get rid of the dust or dirt trapped in the fibres. You can clean it using a vacuum cleaner, but make sure to only dry vacuum it.
  2. Removing spills and stains: We can imagine how dropping orange juice or maybe that morning cup of coffee on your bean bag can nearly make you have that heart attack. But not to worry, as all you need to do is spring quickly into action. Go for blotting up of the stain as much as possible with the help of paper towels. Don’t rub the fibre too hard as that will only lead to pushing the stain deeper into the fibres. Next, you can use a wet stain remover, made up of wool detergent, white vinegar, and lukewarm water and gently dab the mixture onto the stain. Blot up the remaining liquid and let it dry.
  3. Washing: For the most part of its life, your sheepskin bean bag won’t need any high-scale cleaning. It’s naturally resistant to dirt and soiling, and coupled with prompt stain cleaning, you can have it looking and smelling good for years. To spot clean the beanbag, gently rub the areas with a damp cloth and a mild wool detergent. And for cleaning the entire thing, you need professional help.
  4. Drying: You can never dry your sheepskin bean bag cover on a dryer or iron it dry. You need to stretch out the colour flat, or hang up on a line and let it air dry. But keep it away from direct sunlight.

So, now you know how bean bags made from sheepskin add a touch of casual elegance to any home and a dirty one doesn’t really make a good impression. So, take out some time to do regular maintenance, on the spot stain treatments and it shall remain an attractive part of your room for years.


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