Hot and Steamy! {Conair Garment Steamer}

Welcome to my confessional!  I tell you these things in the highest confidence that you won’t judge me or think less of me for my actions   Confession 1.  I do not do laundry.  I haven’t done laundry for the last 3 years.  Yes, I will occasionally throw a load in here and there, maybe 2 a month…tops!  My wonderful hubby does ALL of the laundry!  Confession 2.  I have length issues.  What does that have to do with the price of rice in Chine, you ask?!  Welp, let me explain.  I like my pants to drag on the ground, anything shorter then that drives me bonky!  Therefore, my hubs doesn’t dare dry anything of mine for the fear of shrinking it.

Shrinking + too short = buying more clothes!  Confession 3. I iron less then I do laundry.  Because everything I wear is hung to dry, it is usually quite wrinkly.  I LOVE the dryer! You can throw your already dry clothes in, turn it on, continue getting ready and wallah perfectly smooth clothes! Confession 4. There is a new love in my life. No, not a man, but it is hot and steamy! Conair makes a mean steamer!!  The ExtremeSteam Professional Hand Held Garment Steamer is dream come true!  If you would have told me a month ago that I would be steaming almost every item that I wear I would have laughed…but it is true!!

My favorite thing to steam is scrubs.  Since I work as a medical assistant, I wear scrubs to work 4 days a week.  If you own a pair, you know how wrinkled they can get.  I hate when the pockets sag, too. I simply pull out my steamer, add a bit of water, let it heat up for about 10 seconds ( I KNOW!!! Super fast!!) and run it up and down my scrubs.  I am not kidding you when I say that it takes 2 minutes to steam my top and bottom, combined!  The wrinkles just fall out!  I hang my clothes on the shower rod and away I go!  Amazing!!  It worked well on my hubby’s dress shirt, my cotton skirt, even his police uniform! Dual heat technology provides faster, hotter steam for better results

  • Concentrated steam – up to 30% hotter*
  • Dewrinkle fabric 5x faster*
  • Dry steam allows you to penetrate heavier fabrics for better results.
  • Effective on all types of fabrics, linens and drapes.
  • Save money on dry cleaning
    1100 watts.
  • 60-second heat-up.
  • 15-minute steam time.
  • Kills dust mites and bedbugs.
  • Energy-saving steam pause.
  • Slide switch for dual heat settings – LOW & HIGH temperatures.
  • Steam trigger with built-in switch for constant steam.
  • Easy-to-fill water reservoir
    9-ft. power cord.
  • Includes 3 attachments: brush, creaser, and soft cushion brush.

I have been incredibly happy with this product and can’t wait to try it on other things, too!  It is so nice on those things that you worry about putting an iron to…I have a lace shirt that it was AMAZING on!

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