Hoppin’ Good Time {Wild Creations Giveaway}

Growing up, my parents did not want us to have pets, but somehow we talked them into it.  We had gerbils and my mother cleaned up after them.  I tried to hold them but they always bit me so I didn’t like them.  We had cats and my mother fed them.  I attempted to walk the cats but quickly learned cats don’t like to go for a walk.  I quickly wanted nothing to do with them.  Basically, when we had pets we were just to young to take care of them.Wild Creations has helped solved the problem of a child wanting a pet but mother not wanting to take care of them.  Their unique EcoAquariums provide the benefit of having a pet or just a large aquarium environment but without all the hassle.  Inside these EcoAquariums you will find the cutest little dwarf frogs.They are ideal for homes, offices, schools, and dorms. The aquarium is small and easy to maintain.  The water only needs to be changed every five to six months!  Easy pea-zee!

Putting it together was simple.  Rinse everything off with spring water first, layer gravel, stick in bamboo and rock, fill with water, and transport frogs from their mailing water to their new home.  Kids would love to help set up the frogs new home!  It would make a perfect family evening.
Afterward, sit back and enjoy watching your new pets swim around.  They are so fun to watch.  Sometimes they are really active and other times they just float in one spot.  You don’t have to potty train them, worry about them chewing on things, and you can leave them home and not have to wonder what the house will look like when you come home.  Feed them two pellets twice a week and you are good to go.

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