Holiday tips for food gifts

This holiday season, why not send food as a gift? There are many options available for you to send food to others. These include mail-ordering, subscription meal kits, home-delivered groceries, and restaurant deliveries. These tips will help you spread holiday cheer, not germs, to your family and friends.

Learn more about food delivery

You can view a restaurant’s inspection reports on your Health Department’s website.

Please find out the food safety practices of delivery companies by researching them.

To keep perishable foods cold during transit, ensure they use insulated packaging.

Ensure that hot and cold food is kept separate during delivery. Hot food should be hot and cold food cold.

These tips for packing and shipping perishable food you have prepared at home.

It would help if you shipped in a sturdy container with a cold source, such as dry ice or frozen gel packs.

So that your packages don’t sit in the mail over the weekend, send them at the beginning of each week.

Find out more about dry ice and mail-order foods made at home.

Talk to the person to whom you are giving food:

To ensure that the food can be refrigerated quickly, it is essential to find out if they are home when it arrives. Food poisoning can occur when perishable foods or cooked meals are left out for longer than two hours. Food poisoning is caused by germs quickly when food is placed in the “danger zone” between 40degF to 140degF.

Let them know how the food should arrive. Perishable food should be shipped frozen. It should arrive partially frozen with visible ice crystals or as cold as it would in a refrigerator (40°F or lower when measured using a food thermometer). It should be thrown away if the temperature exceeds 40 degrees F.

You should make sure that they understand how to store food. Keep perishable foods in the freezer or refrigerator as soon as you can.

You should share safety tips about cooking and storing leftovers.


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