Ho! Ho! Ho! {Magical Santa Letters Review & Giveaway}

Do you believe in Santa? How about the Magic of Christmas? Your adult mind may be prone to skepticism, but the eyes and heart of a child desire to be part of the mystery.  Come on……let your imagination take you back to your childhood……remember the excitement the holiday brought…….twinkling lights, yummy food, smells of pine and peppermint.  Oh, and don’t forget the anticipation to discover what was hiding in all of those wrapped presents under the tree!  I remember getting up Christmas morning at 4am with my younger brothers, eyes as wide as could be, looking at the display before us.  Since mom and dad weren’t up yet, we shook packages and scoped out whose gifts were whose.   Ahhh, the days of innocence:)

Had Santa received my letter?  Did he know which items I hoped for most…….Dottie Dog from the Get-Along-Gang (okay….I know I’m old:)), barbie dolls, and Rainbow Brite.  I was always nervous that he wouldn’t be able to find us, since our military family moved frequently.  Some of the houses we lived in didn’t even have fireplaces…….how was Santa supposed to get in?!!  If I had received a Magical Santa Letter I would have been sooo relieved!!!  A wonderful letter, telling me how good I have been, and how he would be in my town at a certain time!  He would have even been able to tell me to leave a special key near the front door so he could leave the presents!

My girls, the oldest of whom no longer believes in Santa the person, but rather his magic, received a large, very fabulous, red shiny envelope this past weekend, with a letter from Santa Claus himself, complete with a real photograph and a handwritten signature (which was definitely not mom’s chicken scratch!).  I was busy decorating a clients Christmas tree when I got the call…”MOM, you’ll never guess what we got!……..we’re on the top of the nice list!…….I think I’m going to get something really big!!”.  My smile was so huge and I couldn’t wait to get home to see the letter.  Sydney was clinging to the postcard for dear life, and to my delight, Madelyne was in shock….”where did this come from” she asked, “it says North Pole, Alaska” (she doubted her unbelief :)…….let me just tell you, that this letter is now pinned up in her room!).  Sydney also quickly placed her wrist in front of my face and shouted “look mommy, I even got an Elf friendship bracelet”………how could I not be dazzled.

Thank you Magic Santa Letters for bringing excitement into our home this Christmas season and for thinking of all the perfectly magical details.

Here’s what you’ll get when you place your order for a letter from Santa:

  • A completely customizable letter with satisfaction guaranteed.  Use the provided text, or add your own, then preview it on “Santa’s Personal Stationery”.  Both the Santa letter package and the reminder postcard are mailed with a “special” North Pole postage stamp. This is real United States postage only available at Magical-Santa-Letters.com.
  • The letter will arrive in perfect condition, unfolded, mailed in a water-resistant shiny red metallic foil envelope. Letter arrives unfolded
  • A 5×7 picture of Santa putting the finishing touches on a toy is sure to bring an extra level of excitement. This is not a home computer printout, but a professionally printed image. The back side of this high quality picture features a personal message to your child. And as always here at Magical-Santa-Letters.com, the back of this picture will be hand signed by Santa himself.
  • In late fall, 2012, Santa will mail the recipient a postcard, reminding the child that Christmas will be arriving soon.


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